SARS vaccine in production for human clinical trials

China approves SARS vaccine experiment

SARS vaccine enters test phase

WHO experts in Guangzhou

WHO experts visit suspected SARS patients

3 rd suspected SARS case confirmed in Guangdong

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China Combats SARS
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This undated file photo shows a scientist observing experimental SARS vaccine living in a culture medium. China has approved to put the SARS vaccine into the first phase of clinical practice January 19, 2004 and the vaccine will be inoculated to volunteers soon. China is the first country in the world to approve the human trials of experimental SARS vaccine.
Suspect SARS case puts China on alert

The Ministry of Health held an emergent teleconference Thursday night after the announcement of one suspect SARS case in Beijing, making detailed actions to prevent the spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome.

Beijing reports one SARS suspect case

China's Ministry of Health (MOH) spokesman said Beijing on Thursday that one suspected severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) case was reported in Beijing.

Fox and cat join civet cat as confirmed SARS carriers

Chinese scientists have found that the coronavirus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome(SARS) is also carried by foxes and cats, not just civets, according to the Guangzhou Evening Newspaper.

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Global SARS Infomational System
SARS Helpline:
8610- 64274209 (Chinese)
8610- 64212486 (English)
Chinese Center For Disease Control and Prevention
27 Nanwei Road, Xuan Wu District, Beijing
Tel: 8610-63177569
Ministry of Health
1 Nanlu, Xizhimenwai, Xicheng District, Beijing
Tel: 8610-68792114
SARS hotlines in Beijing
66089002, 66089006, 66089009, 66089016, 66089059, 66089061, 66089062, 66089065, 66089069
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