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U.S. labeling China "currency manipulator" baseless, experts say
China's central bank attributed the yuan devaluation to factors including unilateral and protectionist measures, as well as the expectation of additional tariffs on Chinese goods.
Is there a black hand behind the chaos and violence in Hong Kong?
The people of Hong Kong are entitled to enjoy the right to peaceful protest, but radical and violent behavior will never be tolerated.
Foreign trade set to improve in second half
The structure of China's foreign trade will continue to improve with more flexibility in the second half of this year due to its institutional, industrial and market advantages, officials and experts said on Thursday.
Op-ed: Time to stop violence and restore order in Hong Kong
The situation in Hong Kong is now so dire that the urgent task before the entire community is evident: to stop violence and restore order.
US should not duck responsibilities as major country
The Americans have always been internationalists, but their internationalism has always been a by-product of their nationalism.
CRRC sharpens its competitive edge in the global market
As a key exporter of the country's high-end equipment, the company has exported products and services to more than 100 countries and regions.
More Chinese work full-time running errands
Thanks to convenient mobile internet platforms, more Chinese people now pay others to carry out trivial tasks on their behalf.

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