U.S. chip act testament to Washington’s hegemonic practices

By Chen Zi (People's Daily Online) 16:58, April 14, 2023

Cartoon by Ma Hongliang

The U.S. recently began enforcing the Chips and Science Act, allowing global semiconductor companies that build plants in the country to apply for subsidies.

The act provides nearly $53 billion in subsidies for semiconductor investments on American soil. However, semiconductor companies applying for these subsidies must abide by the detailed rules of the act. For instance, they need to submit information about the capacity of different types of chips and expected yields, among other things. They are also required to disclose detailed production data.

The act is a testament to Washington's hegemonic practices. Requiring companies to provide core technological secrets in the name of so-called national security is a hegemonic act that violates the interests of others and is a prominent example of the “America first” policy.

Washington's technological hegemony has harmed “digital human rights” in other countries and regions while also hindering global technological cooperation and progress.

(Web editor: Hongyu, Du Mingming)