Long COVID knocks U.S. young workers out of job market: media

(Xinhua) 09:11, September 07, 2022

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 6 (Xinhua) -- Long COVID has knocked many U.S. young workers out of the job market, said a report of ABC News.

More than two years after COVID-19 began, millions of survivors say they still do not feel right, said the report.

Brain fog, difficulty breathing, and intense fatigue are among the symptoms they say are still lingering in their bodies -- upending their ability to work and derailing their financial independence, said the report.

The U.S. government estimates as many as 7 million to 23 million people are impacted by long COVID, and a Census Bureau survey suggests that among people who have been infected, one in five still experience lingering symptoms, according to the report.

Experts warn this kind of "mass disabling event" is affecting the U.S. economy. 

(Web editor: Peng Yukai, Liang Jun)


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