Cultural relic restorers splice together ancient sacred tree in Sanxingdui Ruins site

(People's Daily Online) 11:10, April 08, 2021

Archaeologists have begun assembling and restoring the No.3 bronze sacred tree unearthed at the Sanxingdui Ruins site in Guanghan city, southwest China's Sichuan province, under a restoration project approved by China's National Cultural Heritage Administration.



So far, about 70 bronze pieces belonging to the sacred tree that were unearthed 35 years ago have been pieced together, reproducing the beauty of the ancient artifact.

Photo shows the rendering of the No.3 sacred tree. (Photo/CCTV.com)

Once fully assembled, the sacred tree will be exhibited together with the No.1 sacred tree, one of the key highlights at the Sanxingdui Museum, to showcase the religious beliefs and remarkable artistic creativity of people in ancient times.

(Web editor: Hongyu, Liang Jun)


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