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What China's astronauts said to CNN (2)

(People's Daily Online)    13:17, June 02, 2015

CNN's sharp questions

Nie was asked if he finds it disappointing that China's astronauts cannot work directly with NASA and participate in joint operations on the International Space Station.

"As an astronaut, I have a strong desire to fly with astronauts from other countries. I also look forward to going to the International Space Station," he told CNN.

He said foreign astronauts would be welcome to visit China's own space station once it is launched.

When asked whether China would catch up the United States and Russia in space in the coming decades, Ni said the United States and Russia had started their space programs early. They are the pioneers. China's space program is not intended as a competition or to try to outdo others.

He said that space exploration is a cause for all mankind. Many countries are developing space programs. Since China is a big country, it should make its own contribution in this area.

When asked if China wants to become the strongest nation in space, Nie Haisheng replied "Of course we do!" He hopes that China's space project will continue to improve and that other countries in the world will join in helping China to achieve this goal.

Nie also said that China's next space project will focus on "Tiangong-2", and do more preparation work for the construction of China's own space station.

Space cooperation between China and the US, yes or no?

Although China tries to show an open and cooperative attitude in space, the United States still tends to look at China with a Cold War mentality.

In 2011, the US Congress passed a bill banning NASA from carrying out any form of bilateral cooperation with China or with any Chinese company, and prohibiting official Chinese visitors from getting access to NASA facilities.

In addition, the United States has refused to allow China to get involved in the international space station project.  

This article was edited and translated from 《媒体揭秘:3名中国航天员对CNN说了什么?》, source: Xinhua.net


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