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US - please stop playing up the "China military threat"

(People's Daily Online)    08:15, May 13, 2015

The United States Department of Defense recently issued its China's military and security development report. This report continued to play up the fallacy of the "China military threat".

The US side made groundless accusations against China on national defense, military affairs, space, network, military transparency and Taiwan issues. The report is a gross distortion of the facts concerning China's peaceful development strategy, external policy, and legitimate safeguard actions in the East China Sea and in the South China Sea, and represents unreasonable interference in China's internal affairs.

Firstly, the US ignores the reality that Taiwan issues belong to China's internal affairs, and insists on 'sustaining the military balance' on the other side of the Taiwan Strait by providing weapons to Taiwan. This interference in China's internal affairs acts as an obstruction to China's peaceful unification.

Secondly, no mention is made about the provocative actions of Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam in this report. The US ignores China's tolerance and the efforts it has made to ensure peace and stability in the East China Sea and the South China Sea. It accuses China of striving for maritime sovereignty by intimidating and threatening other countries.

In reality, according to the recent satellite photos taken by a think tank of US, Vietnam placed constructions over an area of 80,000 square meters in the reefs and on the islands of China between 2010 and April 30, 2015. The report also acknowledges that the Philippines deliberately stranded a warship near the Ren'ai Reef and tried to use force to seize the reef in 1999. The US never opposed any of these provocative actions.

Thirdly, the US makes wild conjectures about China's modernization of its military forces. It accuses China of lacking transparency in military development, and alleges that China has the capacity to launch long-range attacks on adversaries in the Western Pacific Region by air, sea, and space, and through electromagnetism and information technology.

US has been issuing this military report on China for 16 years. The prejudice and hostility of the report causes serious harm to bilateral relations. In reality, China is strengthening its national defense to safeguard its peaceful development, and China always firmly safeguards its maritime rights, territorial sovereignty and interests. It nevertheless remains committed to resolving disputes and conflicts through consultations and negotiation.

China urges the US to stop using such reports to play up the "China threat". Working with China to promote the healthy and stable development of bilateral and military relations is crucial to the US.

The article is edited and translated from 《中国军方行得正 不怕美国瞎渲染(望海楼)》, source: People's Daily, author: Zhang Junshe

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