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Afghans celebrate Nawroz with prayers for peace and prosperity for their country

(Xinhua)    15:54, March 22, 2015

KABUL, March 22 -- Nawroz, which means new day and New Year in the Persian calendar, is celebrated in Afghanistan, Iran, parts of Pakistan and parts of central Asian countries.

Saturday, the first day of the year 1394 in the Persian calendar, and also the first day of spring, has been declared a holiday in Afghanistan.

All Afghans marked the New Year with fervent hope that the violence that has wracked their country for many years would come to an end and that Afghanistan and its people would finally enjoy peace and prosperity.

"How long will the fighting and the killing of our people go on? Enough is enough. Let us give up hatred and make peace with each other. Let us join hands to build our country," an imam told his audience in mosque in this capital city on Saturday after offering the morning prayers.

Afghans observed the Nawroz in different ways. Some gathered for a reunion, organized sports competitions, and others staged collective prayers for their country to attain long-sought peace and reconciliation.

The largest festival and prayer rites to mark Nawroz took place in the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif in the morning, where thousands of people from across the country gathered at the blue mosque in the premises of the famous Sakhi Shrine. Muslim devotees hoisted the shrine flag as they prayed for peace and prosperity for their country.

In his address after the flag-raising ceremony at the Sakhi Shrine, Afghan first Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum said Afghans are fed up with the continued fighting and that they deserve peace and security.

Afghan state-run and private television channels marked Nawroz by airing cultural programs that included songs, plays, and other cultural presentations.

"What I really want is for our country to have lasting peace so that my children can live in peace," Abdul Qadus, 56, a taxi driver, said.

Qadus gave thanks for a respite from the fighting during the celebration of Nawroz on Saturday. He said that during the day, no violent incident was reported in Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif.

He said he was not able to continue his studies because of the fighting between government forces and the Taliban and other insurgents.

"I want to have peace so that my children and grandchildren can go to school and have a better life," Qadus said.

Although some religious scholars and extremist groups have frowned upon the celebration of Nawroz, young Afghans celebrate Nawroz because they believe that Afghans should be proud of their ancient civilization of which Nawroz is a part.

"Like other people in the world, we Afghans have the right to celebrate our own New Year and enjoy freedom and life at least on Nawroz," Ahmad Zubair, 19, told Xinhua.

"My thought goes to those who have lost their lives in meaningless wars and terrorist attacks in the past years and I fervently pray that the coming Afghan generations would enjoy peace and stability," Zubair said. 

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