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Man, 60, reported by CCTV for his mousetrap invention

(People's Daily Online)    10:52, March 10, 2015
Mousetrap invented by Feng Xiaoming, CCTV-10 screenshot

Believe it or not – if you are really good at catching mouse, you can be reported by CCTV! On February 6, Feng Xiaoming, one invention instructor for Xiangyang No. 25 Middle School, and his invention of “invisible mousetrap” were covered by I Love Invention – one program of more than 50 minutes aired in CCTV-10. Though only receiving four years of primary school education, this old man who is in his sixty now is not only owner of dozens of patents, but also served as invention instructor for many schools like Hubei University of Arts and Science, Xiangyang No. 5 Middle School, and Xiangyang No. 25 Middle School.

Come into spotlight by pure chance

“Congratulations! Mr. Feng. I have seen your invention of invisible mousetrap on TV!” In the afternoon of February 9, the phone kept ringing from his relatives, friends, and students when Mr. Feng was still immersed in his inventions in a temporarily rent house in Fancheng Industrial Park.

On February 6, the story about Feng Xiaoming and his invisible mousetrap was reported by CCTV-10 in one more–than-50 minute program called I Love Invention. The program featured the whole process of how Feng invented the mousetrap and kept improving it by launching three generations of mousetrap. The efficacy of the three generations of mousetrap was also examined in the program.

“Based on infrared induction technology”, commented Zhang Zengzhang, Vice Chairman of China Creative Studies Institute, “Feng’s invention is simple in technology, but is highly stable and scientifically rational in system.”

By pure chance, Feng and his invention went into the spotlight on screen. “Mr. Feng, my home is vexed by mouse very much. No mousetrap could work well to deal with the annoying creature. Could you sent your invention to me for a try? ” In the autumn of 2014, An Mangmang, a physics Ph.D. in Central China Normal University (CCNU), who was once a student of Feng, resorted to Feng for help. Feng immediately mailed one mousetrap to his student. A few days later, no mouse was seen in An’s house anymore. The mousetrap, which An brought to the university, drew attention from CCTV reporter who happened conducting interview in the university then.

In November last year, CCTV reporter made a visit to Feng in Xiangyang and spent five days to make the TV program featuring Feng and his invention.

Doubts from unconvinced students give rise to magic mousetrap

Back in 2007, Feng was engaged by School of Physics Electronic Engineering in Hubei University of Arts and Science as invention instructor. “Mr. Feng, could you invent something to show us?” Feng was challenged by university students here who felt unconvinced by his poor education background. “Ok, what do you want to see?” asked Feng Xiaoming. “Our dormitory is troubled by mice. Could you invent a mousetrap for us?” suggested some students.

Feng took the challenge with pleasure. He bought more than a dozen of mousetraps for thorough research. He found almost all mousetraps in the market were block type, namely only mice, who are unfortunate to hit the trap trigger, could be caught. “If only I could invent one mousetrap which could entice mouse to fall into trap unwittingly.” Feng decided to invent one invisible mousetrap. Under his instruction, his students set about to work on design drawing and circuit board. After rounds of experiments and improvements, one novel invisible mousetrap totally different from traditional one took shape!

Based on the principle of infrared induction, the first generation of mousetrap could be triggered to work when infrared rays were interrupted by passing-by mouse. However, if mouse run quickly, it was difficult to be traced by the device. Thanks to consistent improvement, the third generation of mousetrap launched by Feng at present is highly effective – whenever mouse enters into thermal infrared area, it will be caught by the device.

Upon completion, Feng brought his first mousetrap to a restaurant for experiment. Four mice were caught within two hours.

Fruitful teaching achievement: one patent per student on average

As a productive inventor, Feng has owned dozens of invention patents till now.

As introduced by Association for Science and Technology in Xiangyang City, a batch of local inventors including Feng became the supernumerary teachers in various schools to help students make inventions.

As introduced by Han Jilan, Vice President of Xiangyang No. 25 Middle School, the more-than-40-member science interest group under the instruction of Feng Xiaoming was awarded with more than 50 invention patents, namely one patent per student on average. In total, the students who are guided by Feng and studying in Xiangyang No. 5 Middle School, Xiangyang No. 25 Middle School, Hubei University of Arts and Science have applied for more than 200 invention patents. “Zhan Yuyue, the student of Xiangyang No. 5 Middle School, had seven invention patents, and was finally enrolled by Tsinghua University”, Feng was proud at the mention of his students. “I have two dreams. One is to guide more students into the world of invention and innovation. Another one is to realize the mass production of invisible mousetrap”, revealed Feng when asked about his dreams in the future.


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