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Tuesday, January 08, 2002, updated at 09:38(GMT+8)

Colin Powell Meets with British Counterpart
Putin: Russia Ready for Compromises on Missile Defense

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in Moscow Saturday that Russia is ready to make compromises with the U.S. on the issues of missile defense and strategic stability.

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Putin: Russia Ready for Compromises on Missile Defense
Russian President Vladimir Putin said in Moscow Saturday that Russia is ready to make compromises with the U.S. on the issues of missile defense and strategic stability.

US Formally Stated to Have NMD Consultation with China End of This Month
The US White House made a formal statement Wednesday that it would discuss with China on the National Missile Defense (NMD) issue by the end of September.

Rice to Visit China to Brief US's Stand on NMD
The US National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice would come to China soon to negotiate with China on issues like NMD and to brief China its latest idea on NMD.

US Environmental Groups to File Suit Over Missile Defense
Several US environmental groups plan to file a lawsuit on Tuesday asserting that the Bush administration's plans for a missile defense test range in the Pacific would violate federal environmental rules, the New York Times reported on Tuesday.

Russia to React to NMD in Any Smart Way: Duma Deputy
Russia's response to the creation of a national missile defense (NMD) system by the US should be a non-standard one, Russian State Duma deputy Andrei Kokoshin said in Moscow Saturday.

US Defense Official Warns of Stricter Standards of NMD Test
Director of the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization of the US Defense Department warned government and industry representatives Wednesday to expect higher standards of testing the controversial National Missile Defense (NMD) system.

Russia, US Should Specify Positions on Strategic Stability: Official
During the upcoming Russian-US consultations, Moscow and Washington ought to specify their positions on missile defense and strategic stability problems, Assistant to the Russian President, former Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev said in an interview with Tass published Monday.

Britain's Chief of Defense Staff Casts Doubt on US Missile Defense
The chief of Britain's defense staff has expressed serious doubts about the United States missile defense project, saying he has seen no evidence the technology will work.

US Missile Defense Under Fire Despite Successful Test
A nationwide movement to oppose the hyped-up missile defense program is getting strong momentum in the United States despite the US military's successful weekend test of a missile intercept, the first bullet-to-bullet test since the Bush administration took office in January this year.

Putin: Russia Can Deal with US NMD Program Independently
Russia plans no joint actions with other countries in response to a possible US exit from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) treaty, as Russia can do independently, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday.

Canada Should Blast US Missile Defense, Paper says
Canada should get off the fence of US missile defense as China and Russia show disapproval of the US plan and has reaffirmed their support for the 1972 Anti- Ballistic Missile (ABM), the largest circulated newspaper The Globe And Mail said in its editorial Tuesday.

Bush Says Won't Change Positions on Missile Defense, Global Warming
US President George W. Bush on Monday made clear that he would stick to his controversial positions on missile defense and global warming during his second European trip this week.

Rumsfeld: US to Have 19 More Missile Tests in Five Years
US Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Monday that Saturday's missile defense test was only one of 20 such tests planned over the coming five years.

Russian President Calls for Joint Missile Defense System
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday urged the international community to create a joint missile defense system to prevent possible missile threats, instead of a Washington-designed national missile defense (NMD) shield.

Protest Held in Hiroshima Against US Missile Test
Some 40 people including survivors of the Hiroshima atomic bombing staged a 30-minute demonstration in Hiroshima, southwestern Japan, on Monday to protest Saturday's missile test by the United States, saying it could further threaten world peace, Kyodo News reported.

China Blasts US Anti-missile Plans
China's foreign ministry on Monday blasted US plans to build an anti-missile defense system, reacting to a successful weekend test over the Pacific Ocean.

US Missile Interceptor Hits Target: Pentagon
The United States successfully conducted its fourth test of a planned national missile defense (NMD) system on Saturday£¬the Pentagon said.

US State Department Informs Diplomats of Anti-Missile Test Plans
US State Department has informed its diplomats around the world that tests of a US anti- missile system soon will break the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, officials said Thursday.

US Defense Secretary Vows to "Move Beyond" ABM Treaty
US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Thursday that it is time for the US to "move beyond" the 1972 ABM treaty to clear way for the country's missile defense system.

US Says Alaskan Sites Could Serve as Rudimentary Missile Defense
The US.Defense Department said Tuesday that it seeks funds for a missile defense "test bed" in Alaska with interceptor missiles that might also be used as a limited defense against missile attacks in an emergency.

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