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Thursday, May 11, 2000, updated at 13:06(GMT+8)

No Illusion Be Cherished About Dalai Lama

The Tibet Daily Wednesday publishes the article, entitled "No Illusion Should Be Cherished About the Dalai Lama", written by a special commentator.

The article says: For decades, the Dalai Lama has been rushing around the world, telling lies, whipping up opinions and betraying the Tibetan people in a vain attempt to split the motherland.

The article cites bits of evidence to prove the above point: The Dalai Lama and its clique have been engaged in harassing and sabotaging activities along China's border regions for as long as more than 10 years after they deserted and fled the country . By the late 1970s when China entered the new period of the reform, opening up and modernization drive, the Dalai Lama found himself in an isolated position, he repeatedly sent private representatives to contact the Central Government and praised the socialist system on many public occasions and recognized development and changes in Tibet. But in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Dalai Lama again became a faithful tool of anti-China forces in the West, changing his previous attitude of seeking reconciliation with the Central Government, instead he stepped up his efforts to carry out domestic infiltration, plotted and created disturbances, and pushed for the internationalization of the "Tibetan issue". He also predicated that China would disintegrate in a certain year and the so-called Tibetan independence would be realized in a certain year. But as time went by, these predications have collapsed of themselves. At present, China is growing in strength and Tibet is developing ever faster. Then the Dalai Lama has again picked up the tricks which he had played time and again, flaunting the banner of wanting to contact and negotiate with the Central Government. But facts prove that over the past four decades after the Dalai Lama fled the country, he has gone back on his words, violating the basic commandments for a Buddhist.

The article adds that the Central Government's policy toward the Dalai Lama has been consistent, that is: the Dalai Lama must really abandon his stand for "independence of Tibet", stop all activities designed to split the motherland, make an open statement that Tibet is an inalienable part of China, and recognize that Taiwan is a province of China. But the Dalai Lama has all along ignored the most essential conditions put forward by the Central Government and continued to adopt deceptive means. For decades, the Dalai has been lobbying everywhere, deceiving the Central Government at the top level, the general public at the lower level and the international community outside the country. People of various nationalities in Tibet have, through the ugly performance of the Dalai, further seen through his nature. The Dalai clique is a separatist political group with its organization and program; The Dalai Lama is not only a religious personage, but all the more is a political exile engaging in the activities aimed to split the motherland.

In conclusion, the article emphatically points out that people of various ethnic groups in Tibet will all the more treasure the hard-won political situation of stability and unity, speed up economic development and promote social progress. They will carry their resolute struggle against the Dalai and his separatist clique to the end so long as the Dalai continues his activities to split the motherland by flaunting whatever banners, shouting whatever slogans, disguising himself by wearing whatever cloak and playing whatever tricks.

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The Tibet Daily Wednesday publishes the article, entitled "No Illusion Should Be Cherished About the Dalai Lama", written by a special commentator.

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