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Friday, February 04, 2000, updated at 15:45(GMT+8)
Editorial Trend of Reunification Irreversible

This article, written by Xu Jialu in commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the publication of President Jiang's Eight-Point Proposals for solving the Taiwan issue and realizing reunification of the motherland, runs in part as follows:

Five full years have passed since the publication of President Jiang Zemin's important speech titled "Continuing to Fight for Promoting Accomplishment of Great Cause of Reunification of Motherland". In this speech, the president put forward eight-point proposals for developing cross-Strait relations and expediting the process of the peaceful reunification of the motherland at the present stage. In the eight-point proposals, the president first clearly stated that the prerequisite for resolving the Taiwan issue is adherence to the one China principle. President Jiang said that under such a principle, any question could be discussed at all times. Leaders of the Taiwan authorities can come in an appropriate capacity, leaders from the mainland of the motherland can also go to Taiwan. In these eight-point proposals, President Jiang also proposed that the two sides can, under the one China principle, first conduct negotiations by formally putting an end to the state of hostility between the two sides of the Straits, and advocated that cross-Strait economic exchange and cooperation be developed vigorously and compatriots between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits jointly inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of Chinese culture. The Chinese with intuitive knowledge all regard this series of proposals as a most reasonable, pragmatic and practical way for accelerating the process of the eventual reunification of the motherland.

However, Lee Teng-hui, ignoring the national interests and the well-being of the Taiwan people, has adopted various methods to resist these proposals. What Lee Teng-hui has done in the past five years cannot but have aroused the indignation and distress of all those people who long for the complete reunification of the motherland and for the rejuvenation of China. As we look back at the various absurd theories dished out time and again by Lee Teng-hui, we have come to see how carefully Lee Teng-hui has plotted to split the motherland. With regard to President Jiang Zemin's eight-point proposals, Lee first remained silent, then dished out "guarding against impatience and adopting patience" to obstruct the exchange and cooperation in the cross-Strait economic and trading field, and then he conducted "simplifying the province", vainly attempting to create an established fact that "Taiwan is equal to 'the republic of China'" ; finally, he chose the time when his absurd theory was subject to criticism by Taiwan media and Wang Daohan was about to visit Taiwan, which he thought it to be the most destructive moment, to dish out the "two-states theory", thus thoroughly laying bare his true features of attempting to separate Taiwan from China.

However, Lee Teng-hui's tricks featuring his ignorance of the times cannot hinder the Chinese people's determination to accomplish the complete reunification of the motherland. During these five years, the Chinese government has successfully fulfilled the great mission of resuming the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong and Macao, which vividly demonstrates the wishes of all Chinese sons and daughters for the complete reunification of the motherland and proved that the "one country, two systems" concept is scientific and great. All forces attempting to separate Taiwan from the territory of the motherland should think it over that the Chinese people, including people in Taiwan, absolutely will not allow the division of the motherland and will never tolerate Lee Teng-hui's plot to succeed.

The issue of Taiwan is China's internal affairs. President Jiang Zemin's eight-point proposals are based on the principle that the Chinese themselves solve the problem and no foreign forces are allowed to interfere. Contrary to this, Lee Teng-hui's "two-states theory" has, from the very beginning, piteously begged help from anti-China forces abroad. What a sharp contrast it is!

Over the past five years, tremendous changes have taken place on the mainland of the motherland: The socialist modernization drive, science, technology and various undertakings have undergone steady development, overall national strength has grown greater; at the same time, we have successfully surmounted the Asian financial crisis; national cohesive force has become stronger than ever before; the Chinese have straightened their backs before various countries around the world; when the two sides of the Straits are reunified under the principles of "peaceful reunification, one country, two systems", the Chinese nation will, in the image of a complete giant, stand in the galaxy of the world nations, the Taiwan people will, together with the people of all nationalities in China, fully enjoy the dignity and honor of the motherland in the international arena.

For a long period of time, Lee Teng-hui has consistently taken advantage of the situation wherein the two sides of the Straits have been separated for too long, the Taiwan people lack understanding of the mainland of the motherland to deceive the Taiwan people, then he used so-called will of the people to hawk his absurd theories. He thought he could use these means to delay the political contacts and negotiations between the two sides of the Straits, obstruct the economic and cultural exchange and cooperation between the two sides and hinder the process for the reunification of the motherland, this can be likened to a mantis trying to stop a chariot. This wild attempt that goes against the historical tide and against the historical tradition of the Chinese nation is absolutely unacceptable to the entire Chinese people and all patriotic overseas Chinese. We believe that compatriots in Taiwan will gradually see through Lee Teng-hui's tricks and will make the correct choice on the cardinal question of right and wrong concerning the future of Taiwan. We place greater hope on the Taiwan compatriots for realizing reunification of China.

At present, an "electoral war" is being conducted in Taiwan, and the question of cross-Strait relationship is used as a signboard by various forces to win votes, fantastic stories have come out one after another. It can thus be seen how important a position the cross-Strait relationship is in the everyday life of the Taiwan people. In our view, whoever comes to power must not do things detrimental to the reunification of the motherland. Anyone, who ignores the law of history, will be a sinner of the motherland and will be discarded by history.

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