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Sunday, January 30, 2000, updated at 09:49(GMT+8)
China Chinese Rallies Around Nation Reunification Cause

Officials and people from all walks of life in Fujian Province January 29 voiced their support of President Jiang Zemin's eight-point proposition for peaceful resolution of the Taiwan issue and reunification of China.

Chen Mingyi, government of the eastern coastal province that sits opposite Taiwan across the Taiwan Straits, said that Jiang's remarks made five years ago are guidelines for resolving the Taiwan issue and reunification of the motherland. Following the eight-point proposition will ensure a smooth development of the cross-strait relations.

Fujian will strengthen its economy to make it more attractive to Taiwan investors, Chen said at a gathering marking the fifth anniversary of Jiang's announcement of the eight-point proposition.

People from all walks of life also met to mark the anniversary in Tianjin, north China.

Duan Chunhua, city committee secretary of the Communist Youth League of China, said that as long as Taiwan is separated from the motherland, the Chinese people will continue to fight for reunification.

Cao Xiaoheng, deputy director of the Taiwan Economy Institute of the Nankai University, said that although Lee Teng-hui's separatist remarks have put a halt on constructive dialogue between the mainland and Taiwan, the solid ice that keeps the Chinese people across the straits apart has thawed.

A similar gathering was also held in Shanghai and participants expressed their hope for an early reunification of the motherland under the one China principle.

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