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Sunday, December 19, 1999, updated at 10:01(GMT+8)
Culture India-China Children's Painting Exhibition Opens

An India-China Children's painting exhibition opened in New Delhi December 18 with Indian External Affairs Minister Jaswant Singh calling for improvement of relations between the two ancient civilizations.

Good Sino-India relations would be the corner-stone for global peace and improved welfare for the entire human race, the minister said at the opening ceremony.

"When we speak of Sino-India relations, it is not merely the future of these two countries, but it means future for the entire human world," Jaswang Singh said in his address inaugurating the 10-day exhibition.

Of the over 350 paintings on display depicting various facets of life in both countries, 110 paintings are from China and another 240 were painted by Indian children.

Singh expressed his hope that "the relations between the two countries should be as pleasant and as colorful as the paintings."

Good ties are Vital as the two ancient civilizations are not only large neighbors to each other but comprise a considerable part of the world's population, he said.

The paintings were jointly organized by China Ministry of Culture and Indian Council for International Cooperation in October both in China and India to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

While Indian children painted on the Chinese way of life both in cities and the countryside, the Chinese children seemed to be impressed by the famous Taj Mahal, elephants and rural Indian women in traditional costumes.

Many paintings showed the hope of children in both countries to further develop and enhance relations between the two countries.

Political Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in India Lin Shanglin said in his address that concerted efforts from the two countries and enhanced cultural exchanges can ensure that friendship between China and India would go on from generation to generation.

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