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Thursday, November 04, 1999, updated at 11:18(GMT+8)
World French FM Criticizes US Foreign Policy as "Arrogance"

French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine criticized on the United States' foreign policy as being one of "arrogance" and "unilateralism" on November 3

At a seminar held at the French Institute of International Relations, Vedrine said that Western countries should be "less arrogant" toward other countries.

"We cannot accept a politically unipolar world, or a culturally uniform world, or the unilateralism of one single hyperpower (the United States)," He said.

He also said that France wants the European Union to be one of the poles of the future world and that all the powers should cooperate with each other.

Vedrine said that in order to become a pole in the world, the European Union must reform its institutions, define its geographical frontiers and establish relations of strategic partnership with other major powers of the world.

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