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The State Council

Premier:   Wen Jiabao

Vice-Premiers:   Huang Ju   Wu Yi   Zeng Peiyan   Hui Liangyu

State Councillors:   Zhou Yongkang   Cao Gangchuan   Tang Jia xuan   Hua Jianmin   Chen Zhili

State Council Secretary General:   Hua Jianmin(concurrently)

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The State Council of the People's Republic of China, namely the Central People's Government, is the highest executive organ of State power, as well as the highest organ of State administration. The State Council is composed of a premier, vice-premiers, State councillors, ministers in charge of ministries and commissions, the auditor-general and the secretary-general. The premier of the State Council is nominated by the president, reviewed by the NPC, and appointed and removed by the president. Other members of the State Council are nominated by the premier, reviewed by the NPC or its Standing Committee, and appointed and removed by the president. In the State Council, a single term of each office is five years, and incumbents cannot be reappointed after two successive terms.

The State Council follows the system of premier responsibility in work while various ministries and commissions under the State Council follow the system of ministerial responsibility. In dealing with foreign affairs, State councillors can conduct important activities on behalf the premier after being entrusted by the premier of the State Council. The auditor-general is the head of the State Auditing Administration, in charge of auditing and supervising State finances . The secretary-general, under the premier, is responsible for the day-to-day work of the State Council and is in charge of the general office of the State Council.

The State Council is responsible for carrying out the principles and policies of the Communist Party of China as well as the regulations and laws adopted by the NPC, and dealing with such affairs as China's internal politics, diplomacy, national defense, finance, economy, culture and education.

Under the current Constitution, the State Council exercises the power of administrative legislation, the power to submit proposals, the power of administrative leadership, the power of economic management, the power of diplomatic administration, the power of social administration, and other powers granted by the NPC and its Standing Committee.

Ministries and Commissions under the State Council:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:     Minister Li Zhaoxing

Ministry of National Defense:     Minister Cao Gangchuan(concurrently)

State Development and Reform Commission:     Minister in charge:Ma Kai

Ministry of Education:     Minister Zhou Ji

Ministry of Science and Technology:     Minister Xu Guanhua

State Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense:    Minister in Charge: Zhang Yunchuan

State Ethnic Affairs Commission:     Minister in Charge: Li Dek Su (Korean)

Ministry of Public Security:     Minister Zhou Yongkang

Ministry of State Security:     Minister Xu Yongyue

Ministry of Supervision:     Minister Li Zhilun

Ministry of Civil Affairs:     Minister Li Xueju

Ministry of Justice:     Minister Zhang Fusen

Ministry of Finance:     Minister Jin Renqing

Ministry of Personnel:     Minister Zhang Bolin

Ministry of Labour and Social Security:     Minister Zheng Silin

Ministry of Land and Resources:     Minister Sun Wensheng

Ministry of Construction:     Minister Wang Guangtao

Ministry of Railways:     Minister Liu Zhijun

Ministry of Communications:     Minister Li Shenglin

Ministry of Information Industry:     Minister Wang Xudong

Ministry of Water Resources:     Minister Wang Shucheng

Ministry of Agriculture:     Minister Du Qinglin

Ministry of Commerce:     Minister Bo Xilai

Ministry of Culture:     Minister Sun Jiazheng

Ministry of Health:     Minister Gao Qiang

State Population and Family Planning Commission:     Minister in Charge: Zhang Weiqing

People's Bank of China:     Governor:Zhou Xiaochuan

National Audit Office:      Auditor-General: Li Jinhua

Special Organization directly under the State Council:

Commission of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administrationú║ Chairman Li Rongrong

Organizations directly under the State Council:

General Administration of Customs:     Director Mou Xinsheng

State Bureau of Taxation:     Director Xie Xuren

State Environmental Protection Administration:     Director Zhou Shengxian

Civil Aviation Administration of China:     Director Yang Yuanyuan

State Administration of Radio, Film and Television:     Director Wang Taihua

State Sports General Administration:     Director Liu Peng

State Statistics Bureau:     Director Qiu Xiaohua

State Administration for Industry and Commerce:     Director Wang Zhongfu

State Press and Publication Administration:     Director Long Xinmin

State Forestry Bureau:     Director Jia Zhibang

General Administration of Quality Supervision,Ispection and Quarantine:     Director Li Changjiang

State Drug Administration:     Director Zheng Xiaoyu

State Intellectual Property Office:     Director Wang Jingchuan

National Tourism Administration:     Director Shao Qiwei

State Administration for Religious Affairs:     Director Ye Xiaowen

Counsellor's Office under the State Council:     Director Cui Zhanfu

Bureau of Government Offices Administration:     Director Jiao Huancheng

State Administration of Work Safety :     Director Li Yizhong


Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs:     Director Chen Yujie

Taiwan Affairs Office:     Director Chen Yunlin

Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office:     Director Liao Hui

Legislative Affairs Office:     Director Cao Kangtai

Information Office:     Director Zhao Qizheng

Research Office:     Director Wei Liqun


Xinhua News Agency:     President Tian Congming

Chinese Academy of Sciences:     President Lu Yongxiang

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences:     President Chen Kuiyuan

Chinese Academy of Engineering:     President Xu Kuangdi

Development Research Center:     Director Wang Mengkui

National School of Administration:     President Hua Jianmin(concurrently)

State Seismological Bureau:     Director Chen Jianmin

China Meteorological Administration:     Director Qin Dahe

China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC): Chairman Liu Mingkang

China Securities Regulatory Commission:    Chairman Shang Fulin

China Insurance Regulatory Commission:     Chairman Wu Dingfu

State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC): Chairman Chai Songyue

National Council for Social Security Fund: President   Xiang Huaicheng

National Natural Science Foundation: Chairman Chen Yiyu

Administrations and Bureaus under the Ministries & Commissions:

State Grain Bureau:     Director Nie Zhenbang

State Tobacco Monopoly Industry Bureau:     Director Jiang Chengkang

State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs:     Director Wan Xueyuan

State Oceanography Bureau:     Director Sun Zhihui

State Bureau of Surveying & Mapping:     Director Lu Xinshe

State Postal Bureau:     Director Liu Andong

State Bureau of Cultural Relics:     Director Shan Jixiang

State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine:     Director She Jing(concurrently)

State Administration of Foreign Exchange:     Director Hu Xiaolian

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