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Food is the paramount necessity of life

People's Daily Online)  07:54, January 05, 2013

Sustained growth of grain output for nine years:
Tu Xuhai, a famer in Xinjian, Jiangxi province harvest rice on Oct. 18, 2012. The total output of grain reaches 589,570,000 tons with an increase of 3.2 percent compared with 2011 which, of course, lays a solid foundation for the steady growth of CPI. The China government does its utmost to main agriculture. (Xinhua/Zhou Ke)

Edited and translated by Zhang Leqi.

A bite of China, a documentary about “eating” achieves immediate success nationwide in May, 2012; along with the launching of Shenzhou-9 spacecraft, the space food for the astronauts with Chinese flavor receives great attention; thanks to the help from all walks of life, children from poverty-stricken areas now enjoy “free lunch” in their schools this year; the total output of grain reaches 589,570,000 tons, meaning China achieves a sustained growth for the ninth consecutive year.

“Food is the paramount necessity of life”, so neither trivial nor minor is our daily eating. Then let us follow the editor to review the eating of the year 2012 at the threshold of the New Year.

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