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Consul General H.E. Li Huaxin assumes his office

(People's Daily Online)

18:56, June 03, 2013

Consul General H.E. Li Huaxin makes a speech at the reception marking the assumption of office (People's Daily Online/He Ji)

SYDNEY June 3 (People's Daily Online) -- Consul General of People's Republic of China in Sydney H.E. Mr. Li Huaxin held a reception at the Consulate General on 30th May 2013, marking his assumption of office. Ambassador of People's Republic of China to Australia H.E. Mr. Chen Yuming, representatives from New South Wales Government, Chinese enterprises, Chinese scholars and students attended the reception.

Consul General Li Huaxin made a speech in the reception. He said, "The friendship between China and Australia has taken deep root and thrived vigorously in the past four decades. Prime Minister Julia Gillard made a successful visit to China with fruitful outcomes not long ago, during which our leaders announced that China and Australia agreed to develop a mutually beneficial and win-win Strategic Partnership based on mutual trust. It is fair to say that the relationship between China and Australia is looking at a brighter tomorrow."

"Assuming my post in Sydney in the new era of fast growth of China-Australia relations, I deeply understand the great responsibility and glorious mission on my shoulder."Li said, "Known as 'the Premier State of Australia', New South Wales was the first state to be developed in Australia, and has the biggest population and strongest economy in the country. The Chinese side attaches high importance to the comprehensive and practical cooperation with NSW, and I would like to join hands with all our friends here to push ahead the relations between China and NSW, and look forward to your support in the future."

Mentioned about the "Chinese Dream", Mr. Li said, "It is the dream of 'a prosperous country, strong people, great rejuvenation of the nation, and people's welfare and happiness'. Achieving the Chinese Dream is not only beneficial to China, but also in line with the common interest of mankind, which, of course, needs our joint participation and common efforts. China is willing to share the fruitful achievements of prosperity, development, progress with all countries of the world including Australia."

Consul General Li Huaxin also extended his thanks to the Chinese community in Australia. He said, "For a long time, the Australian Chinese people have worked hard, stood together and supported each other and lived in harmony with other communities, contributing a great deal to the local economic development, social progress and the booming of multi-culturalism. At the same time, you care about the development back home in China, promote the Chinese culture and support the peaceful reunification of China, making practical efforts to intensify the friendly relations between China and Australia."

Ambassador H.E. Chen Yuming expressed his welcome to the new Consul General. He said, "Mr. Li is a very good diplomatist and very experienced. I am confident that Mr. Li's arrival will make new contributions to China Australia relations, to China New South Wales relations in particular. Now China and Australia's bilateral relations has stepped to a new strategic level and facing important opportunities for further development. China and New South Wales are mutually important cooperation partners with broad and deep exchanges in various fields. I am confident that Australian people will seize this opportunity and work together with China to create a brighter future."

Consul General Li Huaxin was born in 1957. He served as Ambassador of People's Republic of China to Iraq and Syria.

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