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'Most beautiful post-90s generation girl' debuts as NPC deputy

People's Daily Online)  16:23, March 04, 2013  

A debuty of the 12th National People's Congress (NPC).(People’s Daily Online/Ji Yu)

Edited and translated byZhang Qian, People's Daily Online.

Tie Feiyan, 20, is a toll collector in Zhaotong in southwest China's Yunnan province. In May 2010, she saved the lives of four bridge builders who fell into a river. She has also helped many abandoned babies. Hailed by netizens as the 'most beautiful post-90s generation girl', she is often held up as a role model for her generation.

Tie says she is most concerned about the education of rural and migrant workers' children, adding that she has paid many visits to low-income areas in cities to assess the situation for migrant children.

Tie says her priority is to push for better policies related to children's education and safety. She says she is proud of being elected as an NPC deputy, and it is time for people of her generation to take up their social responsibilities.

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(Editor:ZhangQian、Yao Chun)


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