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Escape summer heat at Holiday Beach  08:34, July 05, 2013  

Holiday Beach. (Photo /

Located next to Qingling Avenue in west Haikou, Holiday Beach is 6 kilometers long. Thriving Linma Huanglin trees line the beach, while hotels, vacation resorts, restaurants and amusement parks look out onto the beautiful Qiongzhou Strait. Ships shuttle to and from the seas. Golden sunshine, blue seawater, a yellow beach and green coconut trees make a great view on the seashore.

The beach consists of a sunbathing area, sea sports area, sea food and culture area and leisure area. The Roman-style Hot Spring Paradise, which can accommodate over 1800 audiences, often feature various kinds of performances, including water ballet, diving, and singing and dancing. In the leisure area, there is a vocation center, various kinds of camps and hammocks, where visitors can enjoy a quiet and comfortable night at here.

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