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"The sky is blue" carved on artist's arm

Xinhua)  08:14, July 04, 2013  

Juan Gonzalez Zamora shows his tattoo reading "The sky is blue" on his arm in Beijing, capital of China, July 2, 2013. Juan, a Spanish artist, came to Beijing three months ago. The past three months witnessed his discontent to the air quality in Beijing as well as his love for the city. As an artist, he wanted to find some way to carry his wish for the blue sky and clean air. Juan turned to Chen Gong, a famous tattoo artist, asking Chen to create a tattoo using Chinese characters and blue pigment on his arm. The tattoo is composed of six Chinese characters meaning "The sky is blue". Juan hoped that "The sky is blue" is not only carved on his arm, but also able to become a reality and to last forever. (Xinhua/Zhang Chuanqi)

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