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Biking lets you enjoy all the sights

(Shanghai Daily)

09:03, June 18, 2013

Chongming Island is perfect for summer outings, including hiking, bicycling, barbecuing, kayaking, sunning on beaches and many more activities.

Bicycling is big on Chongming, which hosted the three-day Tour of Chongming Island 2013 last month.

Cyclists can ride around Mingzhu Lake, enjoying the scenery and fresh air. Starting from Mingzhu Lake Park, visitors can see swans, visit Xisha Wetland and the Sandbar Science Museum. The circuit ride covers 18 kilometers and takes two and a half hours.

Mingzhu Lake, covering 200 hectares in southwestern Chongqing, is Shanghai's biggest fresh water lake and is very close to the wetlands, which attracts many birds. Mingzhu Lake Park contains more than 50 kinds of trees including magnolia gradiflora, dawn redwood and gingko, as well as many grasses, flowers and other vegetation.

Visitors can pick fruit and vegetables and go fishing on the island as well. There's crayfish tasting in Gaojia Manor, scent-oil making and vegetable picking in Qianwei Village.

Yimi Bicycle Rental

Tickets: 30 yuan per person

Tel: 5967-5785

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