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Kim Byungcho fulfills his dream in Rushan, Shangdong E China

People's Daily Online)  08:19, December 06, 2012

Kim Byungcho (L) and his wife buy festival decorations in a market of Rushan, east China's Shandong Province, Jan. 19, 2012.(Xinhua Photo)

Every afternoon, a South Korean man wearing rimless glasses plays Chinese chess with local people at the Fuqian Community Center in Rushan. His name is Kim Byungcho. Besides playing chess, the 65-year-old Kim Byungcho is also interested in Chinese Opera. "It's time for me to watch the Chinese Opera TV program", Byungcho answered in unskilled Chinese when the opposite player wanted to have a new game.

Kim Byungcho had a dream to develop his business in China when he did export business in South Korea. In 1990, he immigrated to the United States. Three years later, Byungcho came to Rushan City with 85,000 U.S. dollars start-up capital and founded a leather product company. The company developed steadily and became the manufacturer of some noted brands. By far, it has had 450 employees. Leather products made by Byungcho's company were exported to overseas countries and regions.

Twelve years ago, Byungcho and his wife bought an apartment in Rushan. To help the South Korean businessman to manage the company, two sons of Byungcho came to the city of east China in 2009.

Since starting to do business in China in 1993, Byungcho has been fond of Chinese culture. He learned to speak mandarin, create calligraphy works, play Chinese chess, practise Taichi and perform Chinese opera. The aged merchant likes them, although he is nonproficient in all of them. Every morning, Byungcho does physical exercises, buys vegetables and takes part in community activities as same as Chinese neighbours. His South Korean friends who came to visit him have regarded Byungcho as a "Chinese".

In the past January, Byungcho celebrated his 19th Lunar New Year, of Spring Festival, in China. He hanged red lanterns, pasted Spring Festival couplets and making dumplings with Chinese friends.

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