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Morsi says no second revolution in Egypt: report


08:38, July 01, 2013

CAIRO, June 30 (Xinhua) -- Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi said there would not be a second revolution in Egypt, referring to the ongoing mass protests against him across the country, reports said Sunday.

"There is no room for any talk against the constitutional legitimacy," Morsi told British newspaper the Guardian, noting that if he resigns it would undermine the legitimacy of his successors and create "a recipe for unending chaos."

The Guardian said that Morsi "regretted making a constitutional declaration which gave him wide powers," in a reference to the November 2012 constitutional declaration which was seen by the opposition as "dictatorial" and threw Egypt into division.

The report came as Morsi's opponents held on Sunday mass rallies in Cairo and other provinces, calling for the ouster of him, while it is the day to mark the first anniversary of the rule of the fledgling president.

Meanwhile, thousands of supporters of the Islamist-oriented president, mostly members from the Muslim Brotherhood, from which Morsi hails, held their sit-in for the third consecutive day to defend the legitimacy of Morsi.

Before Sunday, opponents and proponents have prepared for their respective rallies, raising fears of clashes between the two camps.

The fears intensified as an explosion hit an apartment in a suburb of Cairo early Sunday and injured two people. Reports said the place had been used for making explosives to be used in the protests.

Over the past week, clashes between Morsi's opponents and supporters have killed at least eight people and injured some 600 nationwide.

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