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400 kg explosives seized at Syrian-Turkish border crossing point: report


08:42, June 03, 2013

ANKARA, June 2 (Xinhua) -- Syrian opposition forces have seized 400 kg explosives at a Syrian-Turkish border crossing point on Sunday, Turkey's private Dogan News Agency reported.

The rebels seized the explosives at a vehicle trying to cross from Bab- El Hava border crossing point into southern Turkey. The Syrian crossing point, closed to Reyhanli town of Turkey's Hatay province, is currently is under control of the Syrian opposition.

On May 11, a total of 52 Turkish civilians were killed and 222 injured at twin car bombings in Reyhanli town of Hatay. Turkish leaders have blamed Syrian intelligence organizations and pro- Assad groups for the attacks, an accusation strongly denied by Damascus.

Turkey currently shelters about 200,000 Syrian refugees, according to the latest UN figure.

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