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India's tallest minaret Qutab Minar attracts visitors

Xinhua)  09:34, April 06, 2013  

People visit the Qutab Minar in New Delhi, India, on April 5, 2013. Qutab Minar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the tallest minaret in India. It is 75.56 metres high with a base a diameter of 14.3 metres, which narrows to 2.7 metres at the top storey. The minar is made of red sandstone and marble, and covered with intricate carvings. The construction of Qutab Minar started in 1193 by Qutub-ud-din Aibak and was completed by his inheritor Iltutmish. It is surrounded by several other ancient and medieval structures and ruins, collectively known as the Qutub complex, which attracts many visitors till now. (Xinhua/Zheng Huansong)

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