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Hong Kong Disneyland unveils new attraction

Xinhua)  10:54, May 22, 2013  

Mystic Manor, the final chapter of Hong Kong Disneyland's current expansion project officially opened on May 17, 2013 to attract large numbers of tourists. (Xinhua)

Mystic Manor, the final chapter of Hong Kong Disneyland's current expansion project officially opened recently, attracting large numbers of tourists.

Featuring one of the most sophisticated systems ever built by Disney, the key attraction of Mystic Manor takes visitors through adventures of eccentric explorer and art collector Lord Henry Mystic, who invites guests to board the mystic magneto-electric carriage for a tour of his private museum located within his Victorian manor house.

The carriage takes different routes to different rooms, and those holding annual passes might come back a few times to see them all without repeating.

"The characters (in Mystic Manor) seem to come to life. I really enjoyed it and I want to take one more ride," said a young visitor.

Besides Mystic Manor, there are also other mystic attractions like Garden of Wonders and Explorer's Club Restaurant.

The ancient sculptures and paintings in Garden of Wonders create amazing three-dimensional illusions and offer a great background for visitors to take photos.

The Explorer's Club Restaurant serve cuisine from different countries.

After years of expansion, the Hong Kong Disneyland has grown in size. The additional entertainment projects are designed to draw more visitors and bring greater profits to the park.

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