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Wenchuan quake-hit county turns into tourist attraction  10:10, May 10, 2013  

Photo shows grey-tiled and white-walled houses featuring Hui-style architecture in Baimaguan County, Luojiang, Sichuan Province. Many of those houses were damaged during the Wenchuan earthquake on May 12, 2008. But they have been restored five years later, which transformed the county into a tourist attraction. Baimaguan used to be a famous battlefield during the Three Kingdoms period (220 AD-280AD). (CNS/Liu Zhongjun)

Hui-style architecture is one of the most outstanding schools of China’s ancient architecture with the exquisite homes, ancestral halls and memorial archways as its most impressive embodiments, which has a great inference all over China in both official buildings and folk houses.

Hui architecture developed into a significant school in the Song Dynasty. During the middle period of the Ming Dynasty, gardens and houses constructed with Hui styles developed very quickly along with the prosperity of Hui commerce and the development of its social economy.

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