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Stunning ice lanterns in microscopic view

People's Daily Online)  16:45, February 19, 2013  

Stunning ice lanterns in microscopic view (Xinhua Photo/Li Guichun)

Photographer Li Jiachun unveils the dreamlike world inside ice lanterns in microscopic view. The stunning beauty inside ice lanterns is of mystery and fairy tales.

Harbin, often referred to as Little Moscow, is China's most northern major city and capital of the most northern province of Heilongjiang. The world famous Harbin Snow Festival with its Snow Sculpture Park and Ice Lantern Festival is an experience not to be missed.

The original ice lanterns of Harbin were rough and simple in history. From the very beginning, they were once used for lighting at night when the fishermen were fishing in the Songhua River, and then as decoration outside the gates. As time went on, ice lanterns started to be gradually accepted as an art-form in Harbin. They embodied very unique cultural features and artistic fascination.

The modern ice lantern art of Harbin, which originates from the beginning of 1960s, is developed from the traditional simple folk art style. Based on garden art, it makes use of the expression of construction and sculpture, including electricity to add light inside them. (Gao Yinan)

Tourists from all over the world are attracted by fascinate ice sculpture and stunning ice lanterns to Harbin Ice and Snow Festival every year. (Gao Yinan)

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