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What the moon exploration program will bring us?

The modern version of "the Goddess Chang's fly to the moon" will come true soon in China. Why China carries out the moon exploration program? What the program will bring us?


The modern version of "the Goddess Chang's fly to the moon" will come true soon in China.

As the first step to land on the moon, China will strive to place satellite "Chang'e No.1" into orbit around moon by December 2006. This is the news coming from the first working conference of the "Chang'e Program" held recently. It is said that the program has been unfolded in an all-round way and the first lot of capital of 1.4 billion yuan has been in place.

Why China carries out the moon exploration program? What the program will bring us?

The moon exploration program will take us to the new treasury of resources. In recent years, the U.S., the E.U. Japan, India and Germany have put forward their own plans for moon exploration one after another and the human being is embracing a second tide of moon exploration. If the first round of moon exploration in the Cold War period was featured by a strong color of competition between social systems and power show, in addition to curiosity and the goal to outshine others, today's competition on moon exploration, however, has more consideration on actual interests. The moon has various unique resources which can be explored and used by human being. China's moon exploration program is to participate in the exploitation and utilization of resources on the moon and protect the interest of China on moon exploration.

The moon exploration mission will be a new landmark in development of space flight technology of China. The artificial satellite, manned space flight and outer space exploration stand for the three key fields of space activities of human being. To date, China has been active in the first two fields and the moon exploration will expand the scope of space program from the earth to the moon, to fill in the gap in outer space probe. With the progress of moon exploration program, the space flight technology of China will realize leapfrog development. In addition, the moon exploration program will promote the rapid development of high-tech such as information technology, new energy and new material technology and further strengthen the power of science and technology and comprehensive national strength of China.

The moon exploration program will provide a new stage for stimulating national spirit and cementing national cohesion. According to the blueprint, China will complete the unmanned moon exploration in about 20 years and then, launch and fulfill a manned moon landing. Just imagine, what a bright and inspiring future that will be!

Source: PLA Daily

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