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'Taiwan independence', No way out: Chinese worldwide

Chinese worldwide expressed in their articles or statements their strong opposition to the so-called "3.20 Referendum" which Taiwan authorities insisted on holding, saying that the failure of the referendum indicated that separatism is unpopular and has no way out.


Chinese worldwide expressed in their articles or statements their strong opposition to the so-called "3.20 Referendum" which Taiwan authorities insisted on holding, saying that the failure of the referendum indicated that separatism is unpopular and has no way out.

Xu Gongde, president of Gabon Overseas Chinese Association, said Sunday to Xinhua in Libreville that Chinese residing in Gabon unanimously oppose Chen Shuibian's act of pursuing "Taiwan independence" in the name of referendum. Zhang Jingping, secretary-general of GOCA, said the "referendum" was declared null and void because less than half of the electors took part in voting. This indicates that the referendum is unpopular. All the Chinese residing in Gabon are yearning for an early reunification of the motherland, believing that with the continuous enhancement of the country's overall national strength, the day of the reunification of the motherland will come very soon.

Fiji China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association and six other Chinese organizations issued a statement on Sunday saying that due to the unfair election the situation in the Taiwan region has been worsening recently and a crisis has appeared. Overseas Chinese are extremely concerned about this. The referendum was a trick played by a few Taiwan politicians who obstinately stuck to the "Taiwan independence" line. It can only bring suffering to the people on both sides of the Straits who share the same language, same race, same root and same origin. The Taiwan people who desire for peace, stability and development need first to eradicate "independence" because "Taiwan independence" is the biggest malignant tumor in the Taiwanese society, as well as the scourge that affects the stability of cross-Strait situation, impedes the process of China's peaceful reunification and endangers peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region.

The statement says the peaceful reunification of China is conducive to the stability of Asia-Pacific region and Taiwan's way out lies in the realization of China's complete reunification. It calls on the Fijian government to continue to uphold the one-China policy and publicly oppose "Taiwan independence". Chinese worldwide should act together and strive to realize the peaceful reunification of China.

Thailand China's Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association on Mar. 24 published an article titled "Our Worries, Joys and Hopes", pointing out that the defeat of the referendum clearly shows an indisputable truth - separatism is unpopular and "Taiwan independence" has no way out.

The article points out that as everyone knows the referendum was a deceitful trick and dangerous move by Chen Shuibian and the separatist force in Taiwan in a bid to seek "independence". Since last year Taiwan authorities, disregarding the fundamental interests of Taiwan compatriots, made a fanfare about the referendum under the pretext of "peace and democracy". Though they repeatedly altered and packaged the referendum topic, their separatist trick was abundantly clear, which sparked unanimous condemnation from Chinese worldwide and strong opposition from the international community.

The article reviews the grand occasion of the World Overseas Chinese "Opposing Independence and Promoting Reunification" Conference held in Bangkok from Mar. 2 to Mar. 3, which clearly opposed the referendum and "independence". It says their voice was affirmatively echoed by the Chinese at every corner of the world and received the sincere response from the Taiwan compatriots. The tide of "opposing independence and promoting reunification" surges ahead with great momentum and the referendum could only end up in failure.

The article says the cold wave and cloudiness of separatism cannot hold back the rolling trend of the improvement on and development of the cross-Strait relations. Thailand China's Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association sincerely thanks the Taiwan compatriots and global Chinese for their heartfelt response and their personal action to veto the referendum held by the Taiwan separatist force. Meanwhile, it sincerely hopes that Taiwan compatriots would, together with all the Chinese people, continue to work for the earliest resumption of dialogs and negotiations between the two sides on the basis of the one-China principle, for an early realization of comprehensive, direct and two-way "three direct links" and for the peaceful and stable development of the two sides and the reunification and rejuvenation of China.

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