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Full text of amended Constitution released

Xinhua News Agency released the full text of China's newly amended Constitution as well as other related documents on Monday.


Xinhua News Agency released the full text of China's newly amended Constitution as well as other related documents on Monday.

Sunday's closing meeting of the National People's Congress (NPC), China's top legislature, adopted the amendments to the Constitution with an overwhelming majority.

The amendments to the Constitution consist of 14 revisions, with the most prominent highlighting respect for and protection of human rights and protection of lawful private property.

Other major points of the amendments include the institution ofthe guiding role of the important "Three Represents" thought in the national political and social life, expressions of coordinated development of material civilization and political and cultural progress, and improvement of the land appropriation system.

The amendments were the fourth to China's Constitution, which contains 138 articles. The previous three amendments, made in 1988,1993 and 1999 respectively, highlighted the growth of the non-public economy and the market economy.

Xinhua also released an announcement made Sunday by the National People's Congress, which declared the amended Constitution had been approved and had taken effect.

In addition, Xinhua released on Monday a NPC presidium report on how the delegates and presidium had discussed and reviewed the amendments draft and finally brought about the final amendments.

Along with the amendments, Xinhua also released a chart in which the original paragraphs and the modifications are listed in an comparative manner, which clearly highlights the changes made to the Constitution.

Source: Xinhua

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