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Foreign media pay attention to NPC, CPPCC sessions

Recently, media of some countries published articles and comments, saying that the ongoing annual sessions of National People's Congress (NPC) and Chinese People's Consultative Conference (CPPCC) bear great significance.


Recently, media of some countries published articles and comments, saying that the ongoing annual sessions of National People's Congress (NPC) and Chinese People's Consultative Conference (CPPCC) bear great significance.

Editorial on Mar. 6 by the New York-based China Press hailed the government work report delivered by Premier Wen Jiabao "full of new governing style to seek truth and be practical and to rule for the people". The editorial said people-focused, all-round and balanced sustainable development run through the report, which would make the plan more complete and practical.

Brazilian national newspaper Estado de Sao Paulo gave half a page on Mar. 6 to the report and photos of the opening ceremony of the second session of the tenth National People's Congress, highlighting the concept of focusing on people put forward by Premier Wen in his government work report. And attention was also paid to the goal of solving the problems facing agriculture, rural areas and farmers (three farm-related aspects). Brazilian largest "GLOBO" TV station reported that China eased its target of economic growth and put the emphasis on solving the imbalance in economic development and problems in social development.

Japanese Akahata newspaper's article on Mar. 7 held that Premier Wen's report had three characteristics stressing on earnest protection of the interests of the people. The first characteristic is to adopt effective policies for protecting earnestly the interests of people and in the meanwhile actively pushing forward the socialist market economy and seeking stable economic development. The second is to stress the balanced, all-round economic development and to resolutely control low-efficiency investment in some areas and industries. The third is the strong introspective spirit in the report by admitting the embezzlement, corruption, extravagance, waste, false and cheating inside government institutions and expressing the necessity for "being operated" and supervised by the people.

Italian ANSA news agency and Respublika (Republic) reported that Premier Wen Jiabao announced in the government work report to gradually lower the rate of agricultural tax from 2004, over one percentage point per year on the average and to cancel it within five years. The move means that 7-billion-yuan burden can be released from China's 900 million farmers this year, which is a "fundamental change" in rural economic development. The reports also held that Chinese government recognized the problems arising from over-heated economic growth and is ready to go over from a high-rate to a balanced development.

Polish "Trybuna" said on Mar. 6 that Chinese Premier did not conceal the domestic challenge and threats and stood firm on the country's reunification, which received welcome from deputies.

Bulgarian newspaper "Duma" reported on Mar. 6 Chinese new-generation leaders sticking to governing idea of "be practical" and people-focused and the stance to push forward China's peaceful reunification, and firm opposition to "Taiwan independence" splitting activities. Bulgarian newspaper "Monitor" said Premier Wen put forward in the report to stick to scientific concept of development for realizing a stable and moderately fast development of economy, indicating that China has turned its economic policy to stress on stable and balanced development.

The third page of Serbian"Politika" newspaper published on Mar.6 carried a marked article titled China has no compromise in Taiwan issue. China would make its greatest efforts in the Taiwan issue by striving to realize China's reunification through peaceful means as Wen Jiabao stressed in his government work report, the article pointed out. However, China is firm in its stand, resolutely opposed to activities of "Taiwan independence" by anybody in any form. Report by Yugoslav News Agency on Mar. 6 said that China would raise military expenditure, which will speed up the modernization drive of Chinese armies.

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