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Foreign media follow NPC, CPPCC sessions with interest

The NPC and CPPCC sessions 2004, the first of their kinds held by China' new leadership, drew close attention from foreign media.


Japanese papers focus on China's fourth constitutional revision
The NPC and CPPCC sessions 2004, the first sessions held by China's new leadership, drew close attention from neighboring Japan.

A focus of Japanese media is China's fourth-time constitutional revision, especially the content on protecting private property. Asahi Shimbun pointed out that the Constitution amendments further clarified and strengthened the provision on protecting private property, which reflected the development of China's market economy and non-public sectors. The paper also listed other eye-catching topics in the amending draft, such as "Three Represents" theory and respect for and protection of human rights, and opened a column to introduce the Chinese Constitution and background of the "Three Represents" thought.

Yomiuri Shimbun, apart from similar reports, stressed that Premier Wen Jiabao would make his first report of government work to the NPC session. And the much-expected report is to reveal how the Chinese government can keep balanced a steady economic development. The newspaper also interviewed some private business representatives attending the two sessions.

Watching at the two sessions are also mainstream Japanese newspapers including Mainichi Shimbun, Tokyo Shimbun and Nihon Keizai Shimbun, as well as TV and online press. They carried timely reports on the CPPCC session opened on March 3, and noticed that Chairman Jia Qinglin reiterated in his report the basic principles of "One Country, Two Systems", "Peaceful reunification" as well as China's opposition to any Taiwan splitist activities in any form.

Chinese-language newspapers in America zoom in on constitutional revision
Chinese-language newspapers in America, which traditionally like to follow closely NPC and CPPCC annual sessions, reported the opening of the Second Session of the 10th CPPCC, with their focus also laid on the fourth constitutional amendment.

Sing Tao USA gave a detailed list of main points about and suggestions to the revision this time. On top of putting the important thought "Three Represents" into the Constitution, the protection of citizens' rights is also raised to an unprecedented constitutional height. The paper analyzed and commented on four items concerning concrete citizen rights out of the 14 suggestions in the amendment proposal by the CPC central committee, saying they will serve an inestimable motive force for China's economic and social development in the future. Putting "the state respects and protects human rights" into the Constitution, the report pointed out particularly, not only serves as a summary in law of past successful practices in the human rights field, but will establish the principle as a basic norm in the work of all state organs.

The China Press carried an editorial hailing the opening of the two sessions, saying that the entry of human rights article into the Constitution indicates higher human rights implementation as well as a stronger ability to construct political civilization. The "human-oriented" democratic spirit expressed by China's new leadership in both actions and policies in the past year has won wide appreciation from among overseas Chinese. During his visit to France early this year, President Hu Jintao said the Chinese government was earnestly studying the "Convention on Citizen's Rights and Political rights", and would table a proposal for the NPC approval once time is mature. His remark won much appreciation and support from the international community.

It's a wise choice for China to build its democratic politics in a firm and steady way, the editorial said. "Democracy" plus "free market" can never be a cure-all remedy, nor is it that democracy comes directly and merely from elections, or a market is there once control is given up. The aim of democracy doesn't lie in procedures of "decision by the majority", but in how to give full play to human's creativity by these processes in order to maximize the well-beings of humankind. Based on the "human-oriented" ruling concepts featuring "power exercised for people", "emotion tied on people" and "benefits sought for people", China has laid stress on knowledge educational, moral education, improvement of living standards and innovations, and special attention paid to "governing by law". Such a new starting point will surely make the democratic and political construction smoother and the goal of democratic politics better attained.

Nouvelles D'europe article highlights the role of CPPCC
Nouvelles D'europe published an editorial on March 3, showing concern for the CPPCC session opened that day, saying CPPCC is getting mature and would play an increasing role in China's political life.

Entitled "CPPCC playing bigger role", the article explained that political consultative conference is an administrative organization special to China, whose major tasks are political consultation, democracy supervision, participation in and discussion on political affairs. Having been existed in China for 55 years, the political organization has been accepted by the broad masses of common people and is now playing an increasingly important role.

From the central to county levels, CPPCC members come from all ethnic groups, religious groups, sectors and social statuses. They know by heart the wishes and interests of different social communities. As a result, their proposals are quite objective and practical. They convey the public voices to the central leadership and help much in the state's policy making. The CPPCC and democratic parties also play a big role in pushing forward the national reunification, the article said. Facing more and more furious attacks from splitist forces of Taiwan, overseas Chinese have held huge and grand conferences in all continents calling for opposition to "Taiwan independence" and promotion of peaceful reunification, each attended by senior representatives from the CPPCC. This is doubtless a strong cohesive force, a national emotion that cannot be replaced by other forces.

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