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Transsexual's marriage bewilders registry

A transsexual in Sichuan Province who wants to marry his girlfriend has put the civil affairs department in a quandary, reports Tianfu Morning Post.


A transsexual in Sichuan Province who wants to marry his girlfriend has put the civil affairs department in a quandary, reports Tianfu Morning Post.

According to an official at the Suizhou civil affairs department, a man appeared at the department on Tuesday, saying he used to be a she and now he wants to apply for marriage as a he.

But since there is no precedent for such a strange case, the officials felt very much troubled and have referred the matter to their superiors. A final decision is awaited.

**Ignored husband seeks media help on cyber lover

A man in Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province, is seeking advice through the local media on how to deal with his wife who is addicted to the Internet and has a virtual lover, reports Wuhan Morning Post.

Zhiqiang (not his real name), 32, said he has been ignored by his wife since the woman found the lover in a chat room early last year.

He said they had a happy relationship after their marriage four years ago; but the cyber stranger has driven a wedge between them - he is wondering whether he could take the man to court.

**Agency finds bride for 90-year-old man

A 90-year-old businessman who has been widowed for 40 years proved such a challenge for a matchmaking agency that it offered its services for free, Xinhua News Agency reports.

But now, Wu Xinpu, who is also a member of the local people's political consultative conference in Bengbu of Anhui Province, is happy after finding a girlfriend aged 50, said Cheng Xiangyang, manager of the Xiangyang Agency.

Wu approached the matrimonial agency after seeing a poster that asked "Why stay single for a lifetime?"

Wu's wife died in the early 1960s, leaving him with three sons; and he did not consider remarrying while raising his children.

**Philanderer gives IOUs for staying out nights

A woman in Chongqing Municipality has taken her husband - who always stays out at night - to court, seeking compensation, reports Chongqing Evening News.

The woman complained her husband had agreed to give her money each time he did not come home for the night; but after paying only 700 yuan (US$85) cash, he started to dish out IOUs - which upset the woman.

The Jiulongpo District Court accepted the case on Tuesday.

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