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President Hu urges closer ties with Denmark, Europe

China wishes to push forward its relations with Denmark and Europe on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, Chinese President Hu Jintao said Friday.


Hu Jintao meets with Danish PM
China wishes to push forward its relations with Denmark and Europe on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, Chinese President Hu Jintao said Friday.

In a meeting with visiting Denish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Hu said China and Denmark share overwhelming positive conditions for further expansion of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Noting that the two countries have no contradiction of interests and share the common will to push forward bilateral ties, Hu said bilateral cooperation in various fields made new progress in recent years.

Hu appreciated the Denish government's adherence to the one China policy and support for China's reunification, saying the two countries should continue to strengthen exchanges, enhance understanding, expand common ground and deepen cooperation.

Rasmussen said in his current and first visit to China, he was deeply impressed with the long-standing history, rapid economic growth and bright prospects of development in the world's most populous nation. He said Denmark support the continuous expansion of the strategic partnership between Europe and China so as to help maintain world peace.

Rasmussen said Denmark is ready to step up mutually beneficial cooperation with China in all fields.

Rasmussen arrived in China for a 5-day work visit Tuesday. He will leave Beijing for home Saturday. During his visit, he held talks with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, met with Chinese entrepreneurs and witnessed the signing of five cooperative documents between the two countries. Besides Beijing, Rasmussen also visited Shanghai.

Denmark to strengthen economic ties with China

Rasmussen on Friday pledged to strengthen the economic and commercial interaction with China.

"This point highlights a very fundamental question: is China a threat for the European economies and in particular the Danish one? My answer is brief: China is no threat. China is an opportunity," said Rasmussen at a luncheon with Danish businessmen in Beijing.

Rasmussen said the contribution made by China's growth in 2002 to the world economy was 20 percent of global growth, which is also the best way forward for economic welfare to spread to the poorer sectors of the Chinese population.

"The last few years, where growth in the world economy has beenclose to a standstill, the Chinese economy has continued its dramatic growth."

Rasmussen said foreign direct investment had become an integrated part of the Chinese economy, and in the 1990s China became by far the biggest recipient of foreign direct investment among developing countries.

One of the traditionally strong sides of Danish enterprises hasbeen their ability to adapt, Rasmussen said, urging Danish enterprises to prepare well for closer interaction with their Chinese counterparts.

"The best way to stay competitive is to take maximum advantage of globalization and that means to cooperate and to specialize," Rasmussen said.

China and Denmark signed five documents Thursday, including a memorandum on tourist visas which granted Denmark Approved Destination Status (ADS) as a destination for Chinese tour groups.

"The tourism accord is really a landmark and I look forward to seeing more Chinese tourists take this opportunity to take a closer look at us and at same time bring new commercial opportunities," he said.

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