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Chronology: Major bomb attacks in Iraq since May 1

The Coalition Authority in Iraq said on Sunday that 56 people were killed and more than 200 others wounded in the twin suicide bombings in the northern Iraqi city of Arbil.


The Coalition Authority in Iraq said on Sunday that 56 people were killed and more than 200 others wounded in the twin suicide bombings in the northern Iraqi city of Arbil.

Following is a chronology of major bomb attacks in Iraq since May 1, 2003, when US President George W. Bush declared an end to the major combats in Iraq:


May 1 -- Two grenades explode in a town west of Baghdad, wounding seven US soldiers.

May 26 -- Four US soldiers are wounded when explosions rip through a US military convoy on a highway to the airport in the outskirts of Baghdad.

June 3 -- A US soldier dies after being attacked by unidentified men with small arms and rocket-propelled grenades in a town north of Baghdad.

June 16 -- A car bomb explodes in a tunnel in central Baghdad, wounding four Iraqis.

June 19 -- A mortar shell hits a coalition office in Iraq's central city of Samarra, killing one Iraqi and wounding 12 others.

June 30 -- An explosion beside a mosque in Falluja kills nine Iraqis, including an imam.

July 5 -- An explosion kills seven Iraqi policemen in Ramadi, 100 km (60 miles) west of Baghdad.

Aug. 7 -- A truck bomb explodes outside the Jordanian Embassy compound in Baghdad, killing at least 17 people and wounding more than 60.

Aug. 16 -- Six Iraqis are killed and 59 are injured in a mortarattack on Abu Ghraib prison on the outskirts of Baghdad.

Aug. 19 -- A truck bomb explosion devastates the United Nationsheadquarters in Baghdad, killing 22 people, including Sergio Vieira de Mello, the top United Nations envoy to Iraq.

Aug. 29 -- A car bomb explodes, killing at least 83 people, including top Shiite Muslim leader Ayatollah Mohammed Baqer al-Hakim, and wounding 175, at the Imam Ali mosque in Najaf.

Sept. 2 -- A car bomb rips through the Rasafa police headquarters in eastern Baghdad, killing one and wounding 15.

Sept. 3 -- A suicide bombing kills an Iraqi and wounds two US soldiers in the town of Ramadi.

Sept. 9 -- A car bomb kills one Iraqi and wounds 53, including six American military personnel, in Arbil, northern Iraq.

Sept. 22 -- A suicide bomber and an Iraqi security guard are killed in an explosion near the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, and at least eight others are wounded.

Sept. 24 -- A bomb explodes in Baghdad, killing an Iraqi and wounding about 20. A blast rips through a cinema in Mosul causing several casualties.

Sept. 25 -- An explosion hits a hotel in central Baghdad, killing at least one employee of the hotel and injuring two others,including a foreign journalist.

Oct. 1 -- A female US soldier is killed and three others are wounded in a bomb explosion near the US military base in Tikrit.

Oct. 6 -- A bomb blast kills two US soldiers and an Iraqi interpreter in the south of Baghdad.

Oct. 9 -- Two suicide bombers kill eight Iraqis at a police station in the Shiite Muslim district of Sadr City in the northeast of Baghdad.

Oct. 12 -- At least six people are killed and 20 wounded in a blast outside the Baghdad Hotel in central Baghdad.

Oct. 27 -- A series of bombers strikes kill at least 35 people and wound over 230, near a Red Cross building and three police stations.

Nov. 12 -- A car bomb kills at least 28 people including 19 Italians, mostly carabinieri, and nine Iraqis in Nassiriya.

Nov. 22 -- Suicide bombers detonate car bombs outside Baquba police headquarters and a police station in the nearby town of Khan Bani Saad killing at least 18.

Dec. 14 -- At least 17 are killed and 33 are wounded when a car bomb rips through a police station in Khalidiyah in western Iraq.

Dec. 27 -- About 19 are killed and 120 are wounded when government buildings and foreign troops' bases in the southern city of Kerbala were attacked by suicide bombers,machineguns and mortars.

Dec. 31 -- A car bomb kills eight and wound more than 30 others in Baghdad.


Jan. 18 - Suicide car bomber kills at least 25, mostly Iraqi civilians at the entrance to the main US Baghdad headquarters. More than 100 are wounded.

Jan. 31 - Guerrillas kill nine in a car bomb blast outside a police station in Mosul. At least 44 are wounded.

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