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Promote harmony between human resources & socio-economic development: Commentary

The People's Daily newspaper on Thursday, Jan. 8, carries a commentary, calling for implementing the CPC Central Committee�s decision on further strengthening talent-related work to promote harmony between human resources and socio-economic development.


The CPC Central Committee's decision on further strengthening talent-related work points out the need to persist in the harmony between human resources and economic and social development, regard talented people as an important content in formulating the national economic and social development plan and establish and perfect a macro-control system for the tapping of human resources.

Conscientiously implementing the "Decision" and carrying out the strategy of relying on talents to build up a strong country require to make talent-related work and the development of human resources serve the central tasks of the Party and the State, serve the major development strategy of the State and serve the promotion of man's all-round development.

The planning, development, deployment and utilization of human resources must be closely coordinated with the State's major development strategy, key construction projects, the solution of major technical problems and the arrangement of important work, so that the two coordinate and promote each other. Briefly speaking, it is necessary to grasp several key items of work.

First, centering closely around the reform and development strategic goals and plans put forward by the 16th CPC National Congress and the Third Plenum of the 16th CPC Central Committee, we should work out appropriate human resources plan and optimize the allocation of human resources. We should keep an eye on bringing about the sustained, rapid, coordinated and sound development of the national economy and all-round social progress, attain the magnificent objective of building a well-off society in an all-round way, earnestly study and analyze the quantity, quality and composition of needed human resources, and take the initiative to properly and solidly grasp the formulation and implementation of the talent-related plan, so as to provide effective guarantee for national development.

Second, we should pay attention to giving play to the advantage of the socialist market economy, while giving play to the basic role of the market allocation of human resources, we should bring into full play the advantage of the socialist system which can concentrate strength on doing great business, effectively integrate human resources to form an overall composite force of human resources, and concentrate strength to tackle and solve the key issues arising in the course of economic and social development.

Third, centering around implementation of the strategies such as rejuvenating the nation through science and education, sustainable development, development of the western region, revitalizing old industrial bases in the northeastern region, we should purposefully absorb and assign talents and make up the deficient and major talented people, so as to guarantee the smooth implementation of major development strategies. Activities are being carried out, which encompass the personnel training program as expressed in "doctors service groups", "the light of western regions", "a thousand-strong discipline leaders project in the western region", "journey to the west by academicians and experts", the interflow of cadres between eastern and western regions and counterpart aid. These activities have provided valuable talents and intelligent support for implementation of the strategy for development of the western region, and have enabled many young people to temper themselves in the environment of hardships and dangers. We should conscientiously summarize and popularize the successful experiences in this regard and strive to enable each major development decision of the Party and the State to get the full coordination and effective support from talented people and to have a stage for the tempering and growth of talented people. And

Fourth, we should further improve related policies and laws and regulations, break departmental and regional monopolies, strengthen macro-control and regulation, and reinvigorate existing human resources. It is especially necessary to formulate preferential policies to encourage and attract talented people to go to work and provide services in the western regions, nationality regions, poverty-stricken areas and the countryside, guide talented people to flow to medium and small cities, encourage personnel circulations among Party and government organizations, enterprises and institutions, and scientific research institutes and academies and talent-deficient regions and work units, spur scientists and technicians in the applied sector to start up business independently and flow to enterprises, encourage agricultural technicians and graduates from universities and colleges to go to the countryside and grass-roots units to start undertakings, gradually solve the contradictions between the overstocking of personnel and the shortage of talents, and tap the potentials of existing human resources to the maximum.

Talents support development, and development fosters talents. Implementation of the major development strategies and projects of the State has provided rare opportunities and stages for the emergence of outstanding people of various types. We should encourage talents at all levels and of various types, especially young people, to cherish high aspirations and brave hardships and dangers, to consciously pitch into the great cause of the development of the western region, poverty relief and development program and the revitalization of the old industrial bases in the northeast region, and to temper themselves in the arduous environment, so that they will grow into a backbone force in various undertakings through social practice.

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