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Hu's Trip Represents China's Global Ddiplomatic Perspective

As President Hu Jintao has concluded his trip, analysts say this whirlwind of diplomatic activity has been a sign to the world, that the new Chinese leadership has hit the ground running.


As President Hu Jintao has concluded his trip, analysts say this whirlwind of diplomatic activity has been a sign to the world, that the new Chinese leadership has hit the ground running.

On his first foreign visit as the Chinese head of state, President Hu Jintao did not look a bit like a diplomatic newcomer. His relaxed demeanor exuded confidence and helped create good chemistry with his Russian counterpart.

President Hu said, "We have just agreed with President Putin that we will continue to develop and strengthen the historic Sino��Russian relationship in all spheres of life by adjusting ourselves to the changes and developments happening in the world."

The two sides pledged in a joint declaration to build on their strategic partnership of cooperation in an all��round way.

Vice President of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Xing Guangcheng said, "Both leaders are pragmatic. Their discussions on issues and exchange of views on international situation were fruitful. I believe the meeting further enhances relations between the two countries and between the two leaders."

In Moscow, Hu Jintao attended the third summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The six��member group agreed to set up a secretariat in Beijing and stage joint anti��terror exercises later this year.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said, "We stand for raising the efficiency of the mechanisms and instruments of the SCO. We think it is possible to provide for reliable global stability and settle local conflicts only on the basis of international legal norms."

The Chinese head of state also visited Kazakhstan and Mongolia, cementing trust with the two major northern neighbors. The Kazakhstani government pledged to contribute to China's fight against the East Turkestan terrorist group.

And in the French city of Evian, for the first time, a Chinese head of state appeared at the "rich men's club", the G8 summit. Vice President of China Institute of International Studies Ruan Zongze said, "China is putting more creative thinking in its foreign policies and it shows China is becoming more open to the outside world." The summit provided an opportunity for the Chinese president to meet his US counterpart, and President George W. Bush pledged that Washington will stick to the "One China" principle and oppose an independent Taiwan.

And on the sidelines of the G8, the Chinese president spoke at the South��North informal leaders' meeting, outlining China's global economic perspective, which serves the interest of the developing world. Hu Jintao also hosted a breakfast meeting with a lineup of leaders from developing countries.

Ruan said, "I think this demonstrates that China attaches great importance to developing countries. China's joining the G8 summit will increase the voice of developing countries louder than ever."

In just 11 days, President Hu Jintao has met more than a dozen world leaders during a whirlwind multinational tour. The meetings he held along the way have surely contributed to helping the world better understand the new Chinese leadership. Analysts also view the trip as a proactive debut for the new leadership on the world's diplomatic stage.

Source: CCTV.com

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