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People in Bangladesh Urge Withdrawal of Coalition Forces from Iraq

Participants to anti-war rallies held here Friday called for immediate withdrawal of Anglo-US forces from Iraq.


Participants to anti-war rallies held here Friday called for immediate withdrawal of Anglo-US forces from Iraq.

Besides, the rallies also called upon the people of all walks of life to boycott US-British goods.

After Friday's prayer, different political, religious and socio-cultural organizations brought out processions in the capital, demonstrating their anger on "US-led invasion of Iraq."

The participants of processions chanted slogans against the United States and Britain and carried placards inscribed with " Try war criminals Bush-Blair Clique", "Stop war in Iraq", "Withdraw occupation forces from Iraqi soil" and "Down with Anglo-US imperialism".

The entire city turned into human ocean as tens of thousands ofpeople took to the streets demonstrating their anger, condemning "invasion of an independent Muslim country by the imperialists forces."

Addressing a massive rally in the capital organized by the Islamic Shahsantantra Andolan (Movement for Islamic Constitution),leader of the organization Maulana Syed Fazlul Karim condemned "Bush-Blair clique" for imposing an unjust, unfair and illegal war on Iraq ignoring world opinion and bypassing the United Nations.

He demanded trial of Bush-Blair clique on charges of genocide and indiscriminate killing of innocent people including women and children in Iraq. He called upon the Muslims to unitedly launch "Jihad" or holy war against "the imperialists and evil forces." He also called for boycotting US-British goods.

Meanwhile, the Oikkyabaddha Nagorik Andolan (United Citizens' Movement) and the Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh have called for a country wide "Sound-Protest" on April12 against "the unjust, illegal and naked aggression of Iraq by the Anglo-US imperialists."

This program is a part of the observance of World-wide Protest Day, declared by the International Humanitarian and Human Rights organizations against the US-led war on Iraq.

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