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Seek Hegemony under the Cloak of 'Democracy': Commentary

US unilateral military action without UN authorization and going against the people's aspiration for peace already defies the principle of democracy. The ultimate goal for the US to start this war is actually to get rid of an anti-American regime and pave way for its global hegemony.


The United States launched an unprecedented psychological war against Iraq ever since the Pentagon decided to strike the country last year. A special fund was reportedly earmarked to set up 6 radios for opinion bombing against Iraqi soldiers and civilians day and night. Then shortly before and after the war broke out, the US dropped nearly 30 million leaflets over the whole Iraqi nation, saying the US was not fighting for oil but to "liberate" Iraqi people from the evil regime of Saddam Hussein and further give them free life and a democratic system. However, the massive propaganda, like snowflakes falling into a river, didn't yield any result expected, and by now no scene has been seen that Iraqi people lined up to welcome the US "democratic" armies. This is probably because the pretence of "democracy" failed to cover up the US real intention of seeking for hegemony.

Since the end of WWII, the US has been taken a friend or an enemy by judging whether the nation is "against communist and close to the US", but never taken the standard whether the nation is a "democratic country" or not. Known to all, in Latin America the US once openly financed the local armies to topple the people elected Allend government, and it also backed the notorious Somoza dictatorship for a long time. The US once was also the backer of some dictators in Asia.

The current Iraqi war fully revealed the nature of the US over the question of democracy as being hypocritical and two-faced. Declaring itself as "the most democratic country in the world", the US exercises a division of powers into executive, judiciary and legislative within the nation and pays great attention to its legal system. But a sharp contrast is its bullying face on the international stage. As one of the UN founders the US poses itself above the UN and, regardless of the UN Charter principle of not interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, demands the Security Council to ok its operation to change another country's regime through armed forces.

When the UN was making progress in weapon inspections according to the 1441 resolution, the US, turning a deaf ear to advices from most UN members and anti-war protests from world people, brutally started the war. Does such a behavior, which runs against the will of world people, despises UN authority and tramples on the international laws, comes in accordance with democratic sprit?

A western scholar made a vivid metaphor on the Iraqi war in his recent article, saying the US is just like prosecutor, Iraq the suspect and UN the judge and jury. Unable to present solid evidence and against completion of spot investigation over the suspect, the US refused to listen to advices of judge and jury and unilaterally sentenced Iraq to death and executed it without authorization. The action not only runs against democratic principles but breaks law itself.

The words and actions of the US only revealed a fact, that is, the ultimate goal to strike Iraq, is to wipe out an anti-US regime, set up its dominating position in the Middle East and therefore open ways for the establishment of a global hegemony. The so-called "anti-terrorism" and "democracy" are nothing but means of the US to seek hegemony.

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