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Iraqi Issue Should Not Harm Russian-US Relations: Russian Official

A senior Russian official has vowed not let the Iraqi issue to harm the Russian-US relations.


A senior Russian official has vowed not let the Iraqi issue to harm the Russian-US relations.

Differences on some positions between Russia and the United States "should not prevent building relations between our countries", Yuri Fedotov, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, said Sunday.

"Relations with the US for us are of very great importance," he said in a program of Russia's NTV television network.

"Our countries have very many interests in the world," Fedotov noted.

Commenting on possible strikes on Iraq by the US, Fedotov said that unilateral actions against Iraq without sanctions of UN Security Council will inevitably lead to a new wave of protest in the world and bring great losses to the international stability.

Russia "negatively treats the passage of the resolution on Iraq," stressed Fedotov.

According him, Russia is seeking to find a common language withthe US, Britain and other countries, abiding by another viewpoint.

Meanwhile, speaker of Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament) Gennady Seleznyov left for Baghdad on Sunday for a brief working visit.

During his stay, he will hold meeting with Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, the Interfax news agency reported.

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