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Jiang, Schroeder Discuss Iraq Issue over Phone

Chinese President Jiang Zemin said Tuesday China adopts a very clear attitude in supporting the United Nations to continue arms inspections in Iraq and to take every possible method to avoid war.


Chinese President Jiang Zemin and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder exchanged views on the Iraq issue over the phone Tuesday.

Schroeder expressed anxiety about the dangerous situation in Iraq, saying Germany hoped the international community would make concerted efforts to seek a peaceful solution of the issue.

United Nation weapons inspectors should be given more time, while Iraq should totally eliminate its weapons of mass destruction, he said.

Jiang said how to solve the Iraq issue would have a far-reaching impact on the international situation and international relations in the new century.

China's position on the Iraq issue was quite clear, Jiang said. China supported the continuation of weapons inspections in Iraq and stood for avoiding war by every possible means.

At present, he said, UN Security Council Resolution 1441 should continue to be implemented.

Schroeder agreed with Jiang, saying Germany was willing to further strengthen communication and coordination with China on the issue.

Germany hopes that the international community will work together to peacefully resolve the issue, Schroeder said.

He said that the UN weapons inspectors should be given more time, adding that Iraq should meanwhile completely destroy its weapons of mass destruction.

A flurry of diplomatic activity, including high-level visits and phone calls, have taken place recently over the Iraq crisis. The Foreign Ministers of China and Russia issued a communique at the end of last month, stressing the importance of resolving the Iraqi issue through political and diplomatic means within the UN framework.

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