Last updated at: (Beijing Time) Tuesday, March 04, 2003

PLA Daily Online to Launch English Edition

The PLA Daily Online (pladaily.com.cn) will launch its English edition on March 5, 2003.


The PLA Daily Online (pladaily.com.cn) will launch its English edition on March 5, 2003.

Covering a wide range of news, photos and features, the English edition is aimed at providing an influential and authoritative source of information on the Chinese People's Liberation Army for viewers in and outside of China.

The PLA Daily website has attracted much attention from home and abroad since its launch on October 1, 1999. Daily page views have increased tens of times in the past three and half years.

The English edition aims to present viewers with the excellent image of the Chinese People's Liberation Army as a courageous and civilized force. Army achievements in the process of revolutionization, modernization and regularization will also be showcased.

The English edition covers State and military affairs in addition to some special columns and databases. It will serve as a new window for viewers who are interested in China's Army and national defense.

The Army's first news website in English, the English edition is characterized by originality, authenticity and authority in its reports, as does the PLA Daily. Viewers can access the web page by clicking "English edition" at http://www.pladaily.com.cn .

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