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Interview: Liking for Linking

"I'm just like a bridge, linking bankers and entrepreneurs of Hong Kong and the hinterland to help them make more money."


"I'm just like a bridge, linking bankers and entrepreneurs of Hong Kong and the hinterland to help them make more money."

Lam Kwong Siu was so quiet and genial when we talked that I could hardly believe he had been exerting himself in the stormy waves of Hong Kong financial society for almost 50 years.

As vice chairman of Bank of China International Holding Limited,Lam Kwong Siu said he has actually retired from the front line and now he has more time and energy to act as a financial tache linking Hong Kong and the mainland.

"I have made so many friends through years of my banking service, which is one of my advantages of being a deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC)," Lam said.

Lam said he will put more energy in promoting co-operation between bankers and businessmen from Hong Kong and the mainland, especially the mainland non-public sector that is getting more recognition and trying to find opportunities to play in the world arena.

Lam said the non-public sector is an important component of China's market economy. It's playing a more and more important role in mobilizing the initiative of all quarters of the society to quicken the development of the productive forces.

"The central government has confirmed that we must stimulate the development of the non-public sector and incorporate non-public and public sectors into the process of the social development," Lam said, "and I believe Hong Kong financial societycan do much on this matter."

Lam Kwong Siu knows well about the financial market both of Hong Kong and the mainland. He said cooperation between the two sides have developed very quickly over the past several years and exchange has been on a high way after China's entry into the WorldTrade Organization.

Lam likes climbing the Mountain Taiping, a small hill at the central Hong Kong island with varied scenery. He said he realized through climbing that the most beautiful scenery is always at the peak.

"One must challenge himself to reach the beautiful peak of his life," Lam said.

"It's the same to Hong Kong, that is now facing great challenges," he said, "and I believe we will see again more beautiful scenery of Hong Kong."

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