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Blix Says Talks with Iraq 'Useful'

Chief UN arms inspectors said on Saturday their talks with the Iraqi side are "substantial and useful."


Chief UN arms inspectors said on Saturday their talks with the Iraqi side are "substantial and useful."

Chief UN arms inspector Hans Blix said he and International Atomic Energy Agency director Mohamed ElBaradei had talks with Iraqi officials lasting more than four hours, which are "substantial and useful discussions."

"There is substantial discussion," he told reporters here at theIraqi Foreign MInistry after the talks closed.

"We had a long day of discussions, and we are continuing tomorrow, and it is a useful discussion that we have," he said.

Answering the question whether he is satisfied with the discussion, Blix said: "They are substantial discussions."

"Nothing is finished," he added.

This was the first day of discussion, which would continue on Sunday, International Atomic Energy Agency Chief Mohamed ElBaradei also told reporters briefly.

Blix and ElBaradei arrived here earlier Saturday for a two-day visit.

The talks were an important chance for Iraq, but not the last one, ElBaradei told reporters before he went into the talks, stressing that there would be another chance.

On the question whether he is optimistic before the talks, Blix said: "We are always hopeful."

The two chief UN weapons inspectors are expected to deliver their updated reports to the UN Security Council on Feb. 14, when analysts term as a crucial moment for peace or war.

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