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China's First Double-Tube-and-Deck Cross-River Tunnel Completed in Shanghai

By Oct.31, Fuxing Donglu cross-river tunnel, China's first of its kind, had its shore project construction completed, starting its shield construction of the passageway across the river.


By Oct.31, Fuxing Donglu cross-river tunnel, another one over the Huangpu River, had its shore project construction completed, starting its shield construction of the passageway across the river. Due to the double-tube-and-deck design, Fuxing Donglu tunnel is rated as China's first of its kind.

As introduced, double tube and deck means that in a tunnel, two tubes are designed according to the to-and-fro direction of traffic movement, and each tube is divided into two decks. The upper deck is double-lane, for cars only, while the lower is single-lane, open to carts.

It is said that such a design can effectively resolve traffic jam, a common problem in tunnels, and make the best possible use of space.

At present, only one of such a cross-river tunnel is under construction in France. In view of the project's estimated time limit, however, Fuxing Donglu tunnel, when completed, will be the first double-tube-deck tunnel with six lanes in full operation in the world.

Fuxing Donglu double-deck cross-river tunnel, a major project of Shanghai city during the 10th five-year period, stretches from Puxi Fuxing Donglu and Guangqi Lu in the west to Pudong Zhangyang Lu and Laoshan Donglu in the east. The whole project, designed by Shanghai tunnel projects design institute, is 2,785 meters long, among which the tunnel at the riverbed extends 1,214 meters in length, and the section along the bank 1,571 meters. The main project of the tunnel is planned to be linked up by the end of 2003.

By PD Online Staff Zhu Lizhen

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