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Ranks of CPC Members Full of Life and Vigor

Highlights: The number of the Communist Party of China (CPC) members totals 66.355 million by June, 5.938 million more than in 1997, structure of ranks tends toward rationality, and vanguard and exemplary role is brought into full play.


The great Communist Party of China (CPC) has traversed a glorious course of 81 years, with its ranks of Party members undergoing constant development and expansion and glowing with vitality and vigor.

A People's Daily reporter recently learned from the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee that by June 2002, the CPC membership nationwide had reached 66.355 million, up 5.938 million over 1997 (see chart 1: Change in the scale of the ranks of Party members since the Party's 15th National Congress).

Among them young Party members under the age of 35 numbered 14.80 million, or 22.3 percent of the total; female Party members were 11.598 million, 17.5 percent of the total; Party members of ethnic minority were 4.146 million, 6.2 percent of the total.

Since the 15th National Congress of the Party, under the correct leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Jiang Zemin at the core, Party organizations at various levels, with the important "three represents" theory as the guidance, have conscientiously implemented the spirit of the 15th National Party Congress and, centered on maintaining the advanced nature and purity of the Party, actively carried out the new great project of Party building and further strengthened the construction of the ranks of Party membership and grass-roots Party organizations, with the result that the structure of Party membership nationwide has undergone constant improvement, distribution has tended toward more rational , and the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members has been brought into full play.

Viewed from the composition of the Party ranks, Party members from among workers, farmers, intellectuals, soldiers and cadres are the most essential component part and backbone force of the Party ranks.

At present, among the nation's Party ranks, 29.913 million are from among workers, laborers of township enterprises, farmers, herdsmen and fishermen, representing 45.1 percent of the total; 14.112 million are from among office workers, managerial personnel of enterprises and institutions, soldiers and armed policemen, 21.3 percent of the total; 7.701 million are from specialized technical personnel of enterprises and institutions, 11.6 percent of the total (see chart 2: Occupational structure of the ranks of Party members).

Among the ranks of Party members, 34.856 million people have above a senior middle school educational background, representing 52.5 percent of the total. Of them, 15.366 million have a university or college education, 23.2 percent of the total.

An important reason for the development and expansion of the ranks of Party members full of life and vigor is that Party organizations at all levels are conscientiously "implementing" the principle of "adhering to standard, ensuring quality, improving structure and admitting new members with prudence", so that the Party is being constantly replenished with new blood, the class foundation of the Party is being further consolidated, and the social influence of the Party gains new enhancement.

From 1997 to June 2002, the Party admitted 11.892 million new members nationwide, the composition and distribution of new members have experienced remarkable improvement. Of them, 8.939 million Party members are under the age of 35, accounting for 75.2 percent of the total, 3.026 million are female members, 25.4 percent of the total; 9.353 million members with an education of above senior middle school, 78.6 percent of the total; 0.922 million are ethnic minority Party members, 7.8 percent of the total (see Chart 3: Composition of Party members admitted since the Party's 15th National Congress).

From 1997 to the end of 2001, the Party accepted 5.294 million new members nationwide laboring at the frontline of production and work, making up 48.3 percent of the total new members admitted during that 5-year period. Party organizations at all levels, in the spirit of reform, actively explored new ways and methods, strictly guarding the "entrance" pass in admitting new members, as a result, the quality of new Party members has been further improved.

Among the Party members admitted between 1997 and 2001, 1.949 million were model workers from various trades and professions, constituting 17.8 percent of the total, 3.9 million were Communist Youth League members, 35.6 percent of the total. The ranks of activists wishing to join the Party were steadily expanding, applicants for Party membership nationwide numbered 14.447 million in 2001, of whom 7.422 million were designated as activists wishing to join the CPC by Party organizations, comprising 51.4 percent of the total.

Party organizations at various levels have paid attention to studying and solving various problems emerged in the ranks of Party members under the new situation, actively implement the principle of "governing the Party with severity" and strengthen the work of education and management of Party members.

Through various methods such as universal training in rotation, launching the activities of "studying theory and Party Constitution", holding seminars, and conducting regular concentrated study and exchange, the said organizations guided Party members in their in-depth study of the spirit of the 15th National Party Congress, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important ideology of General Secretary Jiang's "three represents", thus further strengthening their firmness in taking the socialist road with Chinese characteristics and enhancing their self-consciousness in putting the "three represents" into practice.

Some localities, in light of their realities, purposefully strengthen their management of transient Party members, Party members who are laid-off workers, and Party members who have retired from office work., strive to ensure that "where Party members go, Party organizations are set up there and Party activities are carried out there".

Party organizations at all levels also persistently institute the system under which democratic appraisal of Party members is made, dredge the "outlet" for the ranks of Party members, and strictly handle unqualified Party members. In the five years between 1997 and 2001, altogether 0.124 million unqualified Party members nationwide were asked to leave the Party by Party organizations through democratic appraisal of Party members, etc. , thus effectively purifying the ranks of the Party.

In the reform, opening up and modernization drives, the vanguard and exemplary role of CPC members is brought into full play. The vast number of Party members, cherishing the lofty communist ideals, have solidified their conviction of taking the road of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, are working hard in a down-to-earth manner for the realization of Party's basic program at the present stage.

They are eager to make progress and dare to blaze trails, are the first to bear hardships and the last to enjoy comfort, they strive to build up their knowledge and abilities for doing their work well, creating first-rate achievements, work for the benefits of the people wholeheartedly, they thus become the backbone force in various trades and professions.

Since 1997, among the 2,946 people granted the title "national model workers", 2,594 are Party members, 88.1 percent of the total (see chart 4: Proportion of Party members in "National Model Workers"); among the country's 5,068 people granted "May Day" Labor Medal, 4,350 are Party members, 85.8 percent of the total (see Chart 5: Ratio of Party members in winners of "May Day" Labor Medals).

Particularly in the endeavor to combat floods and rescue afflicted people's property and lives and at other critical moments, Party members in general courageously stepped forward without fear of bloodshed and sacrifices, resolutely safeguarding the interests of the State and people, thus winning the extensive commendation of the masses of people.

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