Last updated at: (Beijing Time) Sunday, July 21, 2002

Nauru Severs 'Diplomatic Relations' with Taiwan

The government of the Republic of Nauru has decided to sever its "diplomatic relations" with China's Taiwan; China and Nauru signed a joint communique Sunday in Hong Kong on establishing diplomatic relations.


The government of the Republic of Nauru has decided to sever its "diplomatic relations" with Taiwan,according to sources with the Chinese Foreign Ministry Sunday in Beijing.

Nauru has decided from July 21 of 2002 to abrogate all "inter-state", "inter-governmental" and other official agreements signed with Taiwan and ensure mutual close-down of "embassies" or "consulates" and other official agencies and withdrawal of "embassy" or "consular" and other official staff within a month.

Nauru pledged that it "shall not have official relations of any form with Taiwan."

Chinese FM spokesman hails establishment of diplomatic ties between China, Nauru
The normalization of relations between China and Nauru conforms to the fundamental interests of the Chinese people and Nauruan people, and will open up broad prospects for furthering friendly and cooperative ties of mutual benefit between the two.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Kong Quan made the remarks while congratulating on the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Nauru.

Both China and Nauru are developing countries and they share identical points in many fields, Kong said.

China is willing to make concerted efforts with Nauru to establish and develop long-term, steady, sincere, friendly, all-around and cooperative relations with Nauru, Kong said.

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China, Nauru Sign Joint Communique on Establishing Diplomatic Relations


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