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Microsoft Undertakes Six Commitments in Contract with Chinese Commission

The State Planning Commission signed a memorandum with Microsoft on June 26 in which Microsoft one-side has made six commitments.


The State Planning Commission signed a memorandum with Microsoft on June 26 in which Microsoft one-side has made six commitments as follows:

First, offering hardware orders

It will provide over US$ 700-milliom hardware orders for Chinese enterprises in coming three years.

Second, training software talents

In the software sector, China lacks not only talents to conduct research and development, but also those to manage software projects. In such case, Microsoft promises to invest 150 million yuan to launch training programs in the coming three years, to train engineers and managing talents for China.

Third, introducing management experiences and technologies through joint investment and cooperation

The Chinese government values how world software provider Microsoft to introduce its management experiences and technologies to Chinese software enterprises.

Microsoft has long entered the Chinese market through sole investment and sales. Now it for the first time makes a commitment that it will cooperate with Chinese enterprises to invest at least US$ 25 million in the coming two years and strive to reach US$ 75 million three years later.

Forth, accelerating the pace of technology transfer

It promises to establish labs jointly with a batch of enterprises, universities and scientific institutions. More important, it will inject 100 million yuan to accelerate the pace of technology transfer to the enterprises backed by the State Planning Commission and keep abreast with the advance of China's development.

Fifth, developing localized production

Currently Microsoft has its research and development of products conducted for the most part in the US though some of them have been already done and produced in China. Therefore, the State Planning Commission will, according to the No.18 document, cooperate with some departments concerned to quicken the process of localized production and promote the development of China's software sector.

Sixth, sharing initial codes together

Microsoft has all long been demanding on choosing partners who are qualified enough to share initial codes. Citing one item---enterprise scale---as example, it can't meet its demand even though putting China's top ten software enterprises together. Considering the importance the initial codes for ensuring the safety of China's information construction, Microsoft makes commitment to share codes with the Chinese government and some cooperating enterprises recommended on the basis of signing contracts.

By PD Online Staff Yang Ruoqian

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